Boogie’s miserable morning

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Posted Date: : Jan 21, 2008 2:17 AM

Boogie has been a little weird these past few days. I don’t know what is wrong with him. The usual “Morning routine” used to be:

1. Wake up when Human 1 (aka Dad) wakes up (7.30am)
2. Go for a “poo walk” with Dad
3. Back home to play ball with Human 2 (aka Mom) who is still asleep – Mom pushes him away.
3. Curls up in bed,  sleeps in with Mom
4. Wakes up with Mom (9.30 am-ish)
5. Ball time! Plays with toys
6. Eats breakfast
7. Ball time again! Plays with toys
8. Short nap while Mom checks emails, drinks coffee, showers etc.
9. Big Walk time! Out for 30 to 45-minute walk with Mom (around 10.30am)
10. Ball time! Home to play with toys… and so the day goes on.

For the past two-three days, Boogie has been reluctant to go for a poo walk in the mornings; preferring to stay in bed with me. He will go and do his poo, but isn’t crazy about walking. And when we wake up, he prefers to go sleep on his cushion  instead of follow me around with his toys as he used to do. He hasn’t even been interested in eating. He hasn’t gone near his food bowl these past two mornings (he hasn’t eaten yet today and it’s already 12.30pm!!!). Yesterday he had his first meal at around 2pm in the afternoon, after much prompting…  I hope he will eventually eat.

So what has changed in his diet?

I am slowly switching him over from Innova EVO to Nature’s Variety (which is also grain-free). He ate normally all week so I don’t think he dislikes the new food.

I have also introduced Angel Eyes to his food… I read lots of rave reviews about this product on the WOOF board (Boston terrier forum) – it is supposed to be fantastic for tear stains, and Boogie has been having super-weepy eyes and intense tear stains that have been impossible to remove even with the horrible chemical-smelling “Diamond Eye” stuff I bought from Catts and Doggs store which he hates. I wonder if the Angel Eyes has anything to do with Boogie’s strange new extra-sleepy/not eating behavior.

Poor little Booger Meister. I don’t know what’s up. Weather change? Just one of those mornings? His poo is normal. He was happy when we went for our walk this morning. On the way home I dropped him off at For Pets Only to get groomed. (bath, nails, ears, anal gland expression…). He was filthy from yesterday’s trip to the Silverlake Dog Park. He can’t be happy about this.

In the meantime, I am still looking for a good vet and I may have found one – finally! Has anyone here been to Dr. Reina of LA Pet Clinic? (Melrose/La Brea) For Pets Only recommended him very highly, and every single review I have read online has been a glowing one. The only downside is that he is very very popular and overworked…

Another vet recommendation just received: Parkview Pet Clinic.

P.S. Home from the Groomers – BALL TIME!
This is more like it! Boogie is eating a little bit (he revisits his foodbowl from time to time, takes small mouthfuls… ). There seem to be more important things in life like… running after the tennis ball and playing with his toy collection.

This photo was taken on Saturday at Scoops Ice-Cream. I think this dog is spoilt!!!

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Boogie and Food Boogie’s “not eating” issue

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