Boogie’s “not eating” issue

January 24, 2008 at 9:45 am Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Jan 24, 2008 9:45 AM

I have figured out a way to make Boogie eat his food: Carry him from his cushion to his bowl and move his head over the bowl. (Calling him doesn’t work.)

It seems like an odd thing to have to do, but so far, it works! He is eating! I also tried this last night, and he ate his dinner. He doesn’t polish his bowl clean like other dogs, but hey – eating is better than not eating. I don’t want him to starve.

Eddie’s theory is that Boogie doesn’t like his food. (Quote: “If you placed some lettuce in front of me everyday and if I was hungry I’d force myself to eat it. But I wouldn’t be crazy about it.”)

Does Boogie not like his Nature’s Variety Chicken Meal Grain-Free kibble mixed with Innova EVO Chicken wet food? It’s not like I can switch to a different food everyday to figure out what pleases Sir Boogaloo the most….(I was worried Innova EVO might be too high-protein and rich because he was releasing nasty gases so frequently,  so I am trying him out on Nature’s Variety. BTW, I stopped giving him the Angel Eyes to rule out that this isn’t the problem)

Here’s another little problem that we have…  vomit.

Almost everyday since New Years Day, I have been finding a small puddle of vomit in my apartment. Usually on Boogie’s cushion or chair.

On New Years Day, we were playing fetch with the tennis ball and he threw up on me when he brought back the ball. That was the first time.. a quick vomit …then he was  back to normal, playing. Wes and I assumed that he was just purging some icky stuff/hairballs and that it was normal. Boogie likes to lick his tennis balls, and might’ve also swallowed fluff from the plush toys that he likes to unstuff and chew on each day. I have also found “toy fiber” in his poo so I just assume that this stuff comes out the other end too.

But now I am starting to worry because… is it really normal for a dog to be purging almost everyday? Sometimes there are food particles (kibble) in his vomit. Most of the time it’s just slimey froth.

And combined with his lack of excitement over mealtimes, I am wondering if he might have a stomach issue. (Mind you, Boogie is very interested in human food when we are eating our dinners, and he is still very playful after each meal. He appears to be happy and doesn’t act “sick”)

I have made an appointment with Dr Reina of LA Pet Clinic on Monday which will be our first vet visit. I am hoping that all is OK.

Tomorrow: Boogie’s new little friend Emma is coming to stay for a few days! It will be interesting to see how these two get along. 🙂

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