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A food experiment: Boogie’s choice.

There are FOUR different brands of dog food in my kitchen right now.  Out of curiosity, I conducted an experiment to see which one Boogie likes best, or eats first.

I presented Boogie with tiny portions of each meal…

Boogie: “Oh wow. The best dinner ever!”

Below is a video of Boogie’s smorgasbord experience. (sorry it’s so dark!)

The bowls from left to right are:

Bowl 1:  Sojos veggie mix & sauteed beef (with a bit of olive oil, garlic & peas) – *The Sojos is NEW to Boogie

Bowl 2:  Stella & Chewy’s Super Beef patty *NEW to Boogie

Bowl 3:  K9 Natural Lamb *Sort of familiar. Has been eating this on & off for a few weeks.

Bowl 4:  The Honest Kitchen (Keen) & a bit of canned tuna in water *Familiar to Boogie

NOTE: All the foods were freeze-dried/dehydrated in their packets, and required hydration with warm water. The Sojos veggie mix had been hydrated in my fridge for a few hours.

Observations: Hard to tell if Boogie has a top favorite. He dived straight into #1(human food!), finished this first but not completely… probably left the veggie bits behind. He tucked into #2 with relish, likewise with #4, and returned to #2 and #4 several times. #3 was the least interesting to him.

Anyone here feed Sojos or Stella & Chewy’s?

January 27, 2011 at 8:15 am 7 comments

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