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Interesting videos – ‘Marker Training’

I actually like the term “Marker Training” more than “Clicker Training”.

The term “Clicker Training” can be misleading because people assume that you have to be married to the clicker, when Marker/Clicker Training is more about the process and approach, and less about the physical gadget.

Analogy:  It’s like when some people – eg, my parents – use the terms “computer animation” or “computer illustration” to denote something radically different from drawing with a pencil or paintbrush…. and assume that it is a computer program that does the drawing for me.  Yep, my dad used to think this. While I do use a computer to draw with,  *I* am still the one who is doing the drawing. The computer is simply a tool that enables and speeds up the process and makes everything more efficient.

Check out this videoMarker Training a Human – Session One (and how “reward placements” are important) It’s also on YouTube:

There are more streaming videos on the Leerburg website and in this video the trainer Michael Ellis explains Marker Training.  I like his definitions of the Active Dog vs the Reactive Dog. Quote:

The Active Dog (“Operant Dog”) understands that his behavior has an effect on his environment (and on his humans, who are an integral part of his environment). He understands that his behavior can make things happen. He has made the connection that his behavior causes a reward to happen. The Active Dog is easier to train.

The Reactive Dog ‘s behavior is driven by the reward. He doesn’t drive the production of the reward.

There’s also a video on using a Negative Marker (“no”) instead of Correction – HERE. Interesting!

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