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Two years ago on December 11th, we adopted Boogie from Boston Buddies. We think Boogie is now either 6 or 7 years old though it wouldn’t be hard to believe if I told you he was 2. He is a big sensitive baby with boundless energy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Boogie Monster! We love him very much and even though he has given us a lot of stress and cost us a lot of money with his behavioral issues, I wouldn’t exchange Boogie for anything in the world. He is the best naughty dog in the world and my favorite little friend.

Here’s Boogie when he was presented with his birthday squirrel (There is an octopus to come later, and maybe a rib-eye steak courtesy of Dad). See how well our daily obedience practice has paid off? He did a DOWN + STAY even though he was bursting with excitement. 🙂

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A gallery of Boogie Art

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