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Why Boogie votes Obama

Posted Date: : Sep 12, 2008 8:21 PM

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Did you take your dog to work today?

Posted Date: : Jun 20, 2008 6:20 PM

I work from home so I have my dog at work everyday! Today would’ve been a perfect day for Boogie to visit Wes’ office downtown (hint hint) which is air conditioned.

My apartment is so hot it is unbearable. Poor little Boogie has been shifting around, lying underneath furniture, and even though I have the A/C on in the bedroom he won’t go in there unless if I’m in there too.

A few moments ago I caught him trying to squeeze into his water bowl. No kidding! He already had his two front feet in the bowl (which mind you, is elevated on the pet feeder) and was about to stick his back legs in too and I grabbed him just in time and stuck him under the kitchen faucet. And then he did the BT 500 around my apartment with his toy. He was so happy to be wet!

And then he collapsed and had a 2 minute nap.

And now he is bringing me his ball…

Gotta go!

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If Boogie wasn’t so cute

Posted Date: : Jun 9, 2008 4:11 PM

So much for trying to set his diet straight. I have been doing quite well these past couple of days and then I came home today to find an empty box on my kitchen floor. The box was once sitting on the kitchen counter and consisted of one “New York Cheesecake” Krispy Kreme donut (which I was looking forward to eating today). I don’t know how the heck Boogie got the box down because the kitchen counter is quite high. He must have jumped and jumped as high as he could and pawed the thing down, or pulled it down with his teeth, I have no idea!

He had also emptied both my purses and there was change all over my floor but anyway, I am more concerned about his “sensitive tummy”, the stolen donut and how he reached it.

Boogie knew what he had done. The moment I stepped into the kitchen, the little guilty dog slowly crept away from me towards the couch… He sat with his back towards me, crouched over, ears down, and then he turned his head to look me very sheepishly. I called him and he came up to me slowly and licked my hand as if to say: “Please don’t be mad. I couldn’t help it”.

This little rascal seems to be learning new skills each day. Nothing is safe. Not only can he open cabinet doors, knock down a 6lb trash can, unzip Christa’s gym bag, and remove the lid off a shoebox to steal my shoes…. he can now also jump high enough to grab stuff off the kitchen counter.

I guess it’s time to put everything away from the kitchen counter. I don’t suppose he’ll get to the booze, will he?

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Boogie’s Big Head

Posted Date: : Mar 14, 2008 1:15 AM

I have been working away from home all week for long hours each day, so I have had to rely on friends to take care of Boogie.

So far, he has stayed with Aunty Judy and Chumley (whom he got into a fight with over a toy  ); Christa, Butch and Emma (whom he already knows very well); and Lisa, Michael and Wednesday.

Here are some adorable pictures of Wednesday and Boogie. They both look so cute together!

I always knew Boogie had a big head, but when he is next to Wednesday does his head not look freakishly ginormous? 🙂

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The ongoing saga of Boogie’s food sensitivities

OK, it’s not that big a saga but after Boogie got sick this week, I have been seeking out new information and getting sucked into a “dog food researching” frenzy. I am learning new things, picking up a zillion food recommendations and tips online, getting confused, ordering food samples, and seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Link: The Big Ol’ Ingredients Comparison Chart

I have been posting to the WOOF Forum and you can read the entire thread here:
(warning: it’s long so this link starts from page 4)

In summary, the raw diet didn’t work out. I don’t know if I did the switch too quickly (over 10 days), or if there was a problem with mixing regular dog food with the raw to introduce it to his diet, or if there was an allergen somewhere in the raw meat, or if the thawed-out chicken nuggets had gone bad in my fridge, or if the stuff was just too rich for Boogie’s tummy… I don’t know. In any case, I am not in any hurry to try again because I don’t want him to have to go through the nausea and vomiting again. Poor little bug. He was so miserable and sick.

After a few meals of white rice and boiled chicken, Boogie’s spirits have lifted again; he is back to his perky ball-fetching self, and now also back on Hills I/D..

Posting here videos of Boogie in Griffith Park. These were taken the day before he got sick.

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Boogie has a girlfriend

Posted Date: : Apr 15, 2008 4:44 PM

This is Sadie, a 6 month old terrier mix who lives next door on our street. Boogie sees her only once every couple of weeks but when these two meet up, whoa, sparks fly! I have never seen him play so freely with any other dog.

Sadie is a puppy so she is extremely hyper. Surprisingly, Boogie (who is 10 times her age!) matches her enthusiasm and energy level, and they both play and play and play and play. They chase each other around the yard at 200 miles per hour (which makes me nervous) and then roll around in the grass nibbling and chewing at each other’s body parts.  People walk by and smile at the spotted pumpkinhead boston terrier and the bundle of white fluff who are all over each other and oblivious to the world around them.

I was lucky I had my camera today!

Boogie and Sadie: playing

Boogie and Sadie: Chase

Boogie and Sadie: Up Close

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A Drawing of Boogie (and a drawing of your dog)

Posted Date: : Apr 2, 2008 9:13 AM

“Please please please can you throw my ball?”

This is my second ever drawing of the BoogieMonster with his classic wide-eyed pouty lip look. Boogie can sit looking at you like this for up to 30 minutes. (Likewise when you are eating dinner). Before you know it, you are throwing the tennis ball AGAIN for the 100th time… (or giving him a small piece of meat). I know I know. I am so weak.

Over the months I have received mail from various random people on Flickr or friends-of-friends who have seen my sketches of  boston terriers (Jazzy, Rocky, Boogie..), who have asked me to draw their dog and want to know how much I charge.

It’s hard for me to charge for dog drawings because even though I draw for a living, drawing Boogie (or my foster BT) is sort of like a “hobby” for me, separate from my main “job” of drawing/designing on animation projects. So, instead of  money, I have been accepting gifts….

I had a little brainwave this morning:

From now on,  I will draw YOUR DOG in exchange for a donation from you to I draw on the computer so you will receive a large high-resolution digital image, followed by a  8 x 10 printout  if you so desire.

I like this arrangement… Instead of doing Cafepress tshirts or merch. this is a more personalized transaction and I get to *meet* your doggie and you receive a one of a kind special illustration of your dog. And we are both contributing to a good cause and helping bostons in need! =)

What do you all think?

EDIT TO ADD: See my Doggie Drawings HERE

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Boogie’s traumatic morning

Posted Date: : Mar 31, 2008 6:39 PM

This morning, Boogie was attacked by an off-leash (!!!) German Shepherd. We were on our way home from our morning walk, and there were a bunch of dogs and their owners hanging out on the grass outside our apartment. Boogie had met Oliver and Miko before, but not the German Shepherd, who seemed laid back from a distance but suddenly got up and charged towards us when he saw Boogie.

It was really scary. Boogie growled and tried to fight back. The German Shephard’s owner was calling him but the big dog kept at it, snapping away at the Boogs and I quickly grabbed him up into my arms while he struggled and kicked to get back at his attacker. I have the bloody scratches on my body to show for it.

The German Shephard’s owner said that this was unusual… her dog had acted out of character, maybe because he was severely bitten by a pitbull last week and was being extra-defensive or on edge or something. (Later, he charged at another passing dog!).

Boogie was pretty stressed, he stood there in front of all the dogs and growled whenever any of them got close. In a few minutes, he calmed down and that was when we all saw that his leg was bleeding from three puncture wounds.

When we got home I applied some hydrogen peroxide and neosporin on the both of us. Poor little bug has been somewhat low-key all day and walks with a limp. No games of Fetch tonight, I guess.

It’s sort of like *karma* because only a couple of weeks ago, he got into a fight with Judy’s Chumley and bit Chumley on the leg. Now he is the one with the bitten leg and he knows how it feels … I wonder if he will learn something from this. Probably not….


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Away from Boogie

Posted Date: : Mar 17, 2008 11:42 AM

Sometimes I think I experience more separation anxiety than Boogie does.(The only difference is that I don’t destroy cushions.)

I will be in Canada this week and I am going to miss the Boogs. I miss him already! Thanks to Christa who, in spite of being sick with the flu, will be taking care of  Boogie during the day, and Wes will have him in the evenings. I am sure Boogie will be fine so long as he is not left alone for too long. Yesterday I came home to find that my bag had been moved from my desk across the room over to the couch. And my boots had been moved from near the couch over to my desk. And the bath mat was in the hallway…. Thank goodness nothing had been chewed on.

I will miss this lunkhead bratwurst. I hope he will be a good boy while I’m away….

[Photo taken by Christa, at her place. What a nugget head!]

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Boogie is scared of…

Subject : Boogie is scared of….
Posted Date: : Mar 5, 2008 10:57 PM
1. Big buses passing him by
2. A stone sculpture of a large crouching cat he saw in someone’s yard
3. Monster sounds made by humans in a recording studio

I am not kidding. Boogie thought the large faux-stone cat sculpture was a real animal and he wouldn’t go near it!!! Even when I banged my fists on it and urged him to sniff it.

I took him to a voice recording session yesterday (part of work) and Uncle Eddie said he hid under the table when monster noises came through the speakers.

What a scaredy-dog!

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