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Bye bye Boogs

Tomorrow I am leaving for overseas so I won’t be updating this blog for a while.

I know… it’s a sudden change of routine – and right in the middle of his training program too! – but this might be really good for me/us.

While I am away, Boogie will stay with Wes for a few days, and then with Lisa for one week.

I predict that my absence will make Boogie forget most of the stuff that we have learned and achieved in the past few weeks …or maybe not… I  don’t know. I hope that he will be a good boy, a happy boy and that he won’t miss me too much. Me – I will be experiencing Boogie separation anxiety!

March 30, 2010 at 8:31 pm 3 comments


People say that dogs live in the moment; they adapt and go with the flow. I don’t know. People also say that dogs thrive on consistency and that a change in routine or daily structure can have an impact on a dog’s emotions and behaviors.

These past few days, Boogie seems mopier, needier and more restless than usual and I don’t know if  he misses Wes, or senses a change in the mood of this home, or if I am projecting my own feelings onto his behaviors.

As of last week…. Wes no longer takes Boogie out for his first poop walk of the day. Wes no longer comes over at 7pm and plays fetch with him for 2 hours. I see Boogie run back and forth to the window, and he paces around the apartment as if searching for something or someone. I throw his ball but he loses interest after a few minutes, curls up on the couch instead and goes to sleep. At 10.30pm when we step outside for his potty break, he pulls me towards Wes’ apartment and I have to call him away towards me.

I’m sorry Boogie. Things change.

I am trying to stay strong and keep everything consistent but it is hard. I don’t want my moods to affect this little dog who continues to bring me so much love, joy and amusement.

How do other people cope with relationship breakups where dogs are involved?

March 13, 2010 at 5:02 am 8 comments

The little things that make me smile

1. I woke up this morning and Boogie was sitting on the bed next to my head. I said “Good morning Boogie! Kiss?” He put his face in front of mine and licked my mouth.

2. Today we saw a dog on our street. Uh-oh, trouble… I called Boogie. He turned around and sat down in front of me. “See mom? I know the drill”.

3. Boogie pulling forward on the leash. I called him. He slowed down and waited. When I was caught up next to him, he pulled forward again. (Or how Boogie trained ME to heel)

4. When Boogie drops his toy by the front door or in his food bowl… then sits calmly and waits.

5. When Boogie sits at the foot of a tree and waits. Because we all know that GOOD THINGS (like squirrels) come to little dogs who sit and wait.

6. Sometimes when I pick up the leash and call Boogie to go for a walk, he looks up from the cushion and rolls over onto his back.

7. Boogie curled up tightly like a cat, face squished against cushion. This one never gets old.


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    Why Boogie votes Obama

    Posted Date: : Sep 12, 2008 8:21 PM

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    Did you take your dog to work today?

    Posted Date: : Jun 20, 2008 6:20 PM

    I work from home so I have my dog at work everyday! Today would’ve been a perfect day for Boogie to visit Wes’ office downtown (hint hint) which is air conditioned.

    My apartment is so hot it is unbearable. Poor little Boogie has been shifting around, lying underneath furniture, and even though I have the A/C on in the bedroom he won’t go in there unless if I’m in there too.

    A few moments ago I caught him trying to squeeze into his water bowl. No kidding! He already had his two front feet in the bowl (which mind you, is elevated on the pet feeder) and was about to stick his back legs in too and I grabbed him just in time and stuck him under the kitchen faucet. And then he did the BT 500 around my apartment with his toy. He was so happy to be wet!

    And then he collapsed and had a 2 minute nap.

    And now he is bringing me his ball…

    Gotta go!

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    If Boogie wasn’t so cute

    Posted Date: : Jun 9, 2008 4:11 PM

    So much for trying to set his diet straight. I have been doing quite well these past couple of days and then I came home today to find an empty box on my kitchen floor. The box was once sitting on the kitchen counter and consisted of one “New York Cheesecake” Krispy Kreme donut (which I was looking forward to eating today). I don’t know how the heck Boogie got the box down because the kitchen counter is quite high. He must have jumped and jumped as high as he could and pawed the thing down, or pulled it down with his teeth, I have no idea!

    He had also emptied both my purses and there was change all over my floor but anyway, I am more concerned about his “sensitive tummy”, the stolen donut and how he reached it.

    Boogie knew what he had done. The moment I stepped into the kitchen, the little guilty dog slowly crept away from me towards the couch… He sat with his back towards me, crouched over, ears down, and then he turned his head to look me very sheepishly. I called him and he came up to me slowly and licked my hand as if to say: “Please don’t be mad. I couldn’t help it”.

    This little rascal seems to be learning new skills each day. Nothing is safe. Not only can he open cabinet doors, knock down a 6lb trash can, unzip Christa’s gym bag, and remove the lid off a shoebox to steal my shoes…. he can now also jump high enough to grab stuff off the kitchen counter.

    I guess it’s time to put everything away from the kitchen counter. I don’t suppose he’ll get to the booze, will he?

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    Boogie’s Big Head

    Posted Date: : Mar 14, 2008 1:15 AM

    I have been working away from home all week for long hours each day, so I have had to rely on friends to take care of Boogie.

    So far, he has stayed with Aunty Judy and Chumley (whom he got into a fight with over a toy  ); Christa, Butch and Emma (whom he already knows very well); and Lisa, Michael and Wednesday.

    Here are some adorable pictures of Wednesday and Boogie. They both look so cute together!

    I always knew Boogie had a big head, but when he is next to Wednesday does his head not look freakishly ginormous? 🙂

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