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Boogie is Mr. May!

Posted Date: : Sep 22, 2008 5:40 AM

The 2009 Boston Buddies Rescue Calendar is fabulous! If you are a BT lover and haven’t bought it or seen it yet, you can order/check out all the pages HERE.

Our Boogie Monster is the month of MAY:

Erica and Jen from All-Mighty also have a flickr set of photos from yesterday’s Boston Tea Party.  Lots and lots of cute Bostons!

Here is Boogie in his classic Crawl pose…

You can see the bald patches on his back thigh… Poor little bug; he still has his hot spots and there are also bald patches above his bald tail. I still catch him licking and chewing on himself every day and frankly, I am starting to wonder if I should put an e-collar (cone thing) on him. I have started applying Nu-Stock on his wounds … I read many enthusiastic testimonials that this Nu-Stock stuff is a miracle cure for mange, itchy skin and hair loss but the trouble is, no matter how horrible-tasting the creams and sprays are, Boogie still licks them off! 😦

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Boston Tea Party! (Photos added)

Posted Date: : Sep 19, 2008 8:01 AM

UPDATE: The Boston Tea Party was fun! So many cute BTs! So many different sizes, shapes, colors.

I was so relieved that Boogie behaved himself and didn’t try to attack any other dogs (except a couple of times). I also finally got to meet several people whom I have been speaking to only online or via email.  It was great.

Click here to view my BOSTON TEA PARTY flickr set with photos by Wes. (There are lots of Boogie pics, of course 🙂 )

This Saturday! Huntington Park. We will be there probably around 11am, and if you see us please say hi! I cannot guarantee that Boogie will behave himself (please don’t lunge please don’t lunge) but I think he will be OK in a “pack” and getting lots of attention. We may even head out to the Dog Beach (Huntington Beach) Can’t wait! 🙂

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Boogie meets Reggie, Mighty and Stinky

Posted Date: : Mar 28, 2008 3:40 PM

Today we met Reggie, Christa’s new perky little BostonBuddies foster boy.

Reggie is tiny and skinny, probably under a year old and the poor boy has mange and luxating patellas. In spite of his troubles, he is so cute, so full of life and vim! We hope that Reggie finds a happy new home soon. (After the mange clears up)

This afternoon the four of us visited the All-Mighty Headquarters where we met up with the owners – Erica and Jen, and their two BT babies: Mighty and Stinky Pierre.

Some photos…

Stinky, Boogie, Reggie with Erica; Reggie on Christa’s lap (Christa is wearing an All-Mighty tshirt)

Mighty says RUFF RUFF! to Boogie; Boogie watches as Stinky sniffs out Reggie

Erica and Boogie; Jen and Stinky Pierre

[larger versions of these pics over at Boogie’s flickr set]

Check out this video: Boogie at All-Mighty HQ

Boogie the pumpkinhead was ready to leave after 5 minutes!!! He tried to get as much attention as he could but kept returning to the door with a sulky look on his face. That was until he found Mighty’s half-chewed bone and went to work on that.

Thank you to Jen and Erica for letting us visit, for supporting BostonBuddies and for the supercute All-Mighty T-shirts!

Subject : More cute All-Mighty photos!
Posted Date: : Mar 28, 2008 11:26 PM

Click HERE!!!

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