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Boogie has a girlfriend

Posted Date: : Apr 15, 2008 4:44 PM

This is Sadie, a 6 month old terrier mix who lives next door on our street. Boogie sees her only once every couple of weeks but when these two meet up, whoa, sparks fly! I have never seen him play so freely with any other dog.

Sadie is a puppy so she is extremely hyper. Surprisingly, Boogie (who is 10 times her age!) matches her enthusiasm and energy level, and they both play and play and play and play. They chase each other around the yard at 200 miles per hour (which makes me nervous) and then roll around in the grass nibbling and chewing at each other’s body parts.  People walk by and smile at the spotted pumpkinhead boston terrier and the bundle of white fluff who are all over each other and oblivious to the world around them.

I was lucky I had my camera today!

Boogie and Sadie: playing

Boogie and Sadie: Chase

Boogie and Sadie: Up Close

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Boogie and Kibble

Posted Date: : Mar 31, 2008 1:04 AM

If we didn’t spoil Boogie with “human food” so often, it would easier for me to know if the Hills I/D diet that the vet prescribed is working as best as it can or should.  Well, I am happy at least, to report that after I switched Boogie to the Hills I/D canned food about 2 months ago, the signs have been positive:

1. Boogie now has a healthy eating appetite
2. The vomitting spells stopped completely
3. He stopped doing frequent stinky poots
4. His poop looks good – smaller quantities, firm, etc.

About 1 week ago, I added Hills I/D kibble to his diet as a few different people had suggested to me that he should eat kibble and that wet food isn’t enough. Now I mix the kibble in with the wet food and all seems well except… WHOA – what’s up with these horrendously painfully-stinky FARTS!?!! They come at around 7pm each night. They are stinkier than the farts he used to do when eating Innova EVO. They are really piercingly stinky, that’s the best way I can describe them. Like something chemically-rotten.

So now I wonder if the kibble is a good thing? Is it really really necessary?

On a more positive note, I believe the Angel Eyes supplement is making a difference! Only two-three weeks later and I swear his tear stains are looking less pronounced and the whites of his coat are looking whiter (and not so “pinkish-grey” like a few weeks ago).  I hope I am not imagining this and that the Angel Eyes is really working.

The bottle I have was ordered online but I  found out recently that they recommend this highly and sell it at For Pets Only on Hillhurst, which is super convenient and very cool!

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Battle of the Dinosaur Cuz and more…

Posted Date: : Mar 3, 2008 11:28 AM
More boston terrier shennanigans! I have Butch and Emma staying over while Christa is out of town. (And again next weekend). This is the first time that I have housed three dogs and it is quite an experience! I haven’t yet completely mastered walking three dogs at the same time… but at home, everything has been fine. OK, a little crazy but not unmanageable. And you know how Boston terriers are…. All three insist on sleeping under the covers at night. Last night was a very warm and fuzzy night…

Some videoclips below.

At Silverlake Dog Park. This is not the most action-packed video clip.Wes has better ones on his camera which I will upload later. Here, you can see Butch sorta running after the ball and Boogie is acquainting himself with someone’s boot.

Check out this video: Silverlake Dog Park 1

MONDAY/this morning
I had to break up a fight between Boogie and Butch. I am not sure who started it, but thank goodness I separated them in time before anyone got hurt. Then I removed the toy that the boys were fighting over, and the two made up (a bit of butt and face sniffing here and there) and became friends again. Whew.

Battle of the DinoCuz Toy: Part 1 – Boogie gets the toy! Whenever this happens, Butch, being the vocal one, barks and barks and barks. Boogie completely ignores him while Butch keeps barking.

Check out this video: Battle of the DinoCuz – Part1


Part 2:Butch gets the toy! When this happens, Boogie looks at ME. He doesn’t do anything. He just sits there and looks at me and expects me to make everything alright.

Check out this video: Battle of the DinoCuz – part 2


And here is a photo from last night when we visited the Best Fish Taco in Ensenada place on Hillhurst Ave. Joseph the owner is a huge dog lover (he always spoils Boogie) and brought out a plate of fish for all three dogs.

There ya go.

Until next week!

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More Boogie Naughtiness

Posted Date: : Feb 27, 2008 12:39 AM

Firstly, some more cute pics from the weekend with Butch and Emma.

Two boys and their balls. Butch loves the yellow one; Boogie and his alltime favorite: the tennis ball.

Butch was OBSESSED with that yellow ball. Totally obsessed.

Butch: “Please throw the ball. Please please?” pant pant slobber slobber
(Observe Emma’s total disinterest and there’s Boogie giving Butch the evil eye. Later on, he steals back the yellow ball away from Butch)

Emma lying on the couch with Wes, licking her paws.
And then the next day…

See the white fluff all over the floor?

Check out this video: Naughty Boogie – again

On Sunday when I was out of the apartment for only about 20 minutes, Boogie destroyed another cushion. Coincidentally, Emma Dietz was staying with us the last time he destroyed a cushion so I was tempted to think there might be a connection somewhere, like… “Was Boogie protesting? Was he pissed because he had to share his home/bed/humans with another dog?”

Wes said: “Dogs don’t think like that. I bet he was just having fun ripping up the cushion. Maybe he was trying to impress Emma.”

Me: “Like show her how tough he is that he can unstuff a cushion in 20 minutes? Are you serious? He did it to impress Emma?”

Wes: “It’s the male mind. I know how it works”.

Uh-huh. Well.


Monday night I came home from a work event to find my box of  authentic New Orleans pralines from Christa shredded to bits and the three pralines inside it were gone. I was really looking forward to finishing off those pralines myself but a naughty little boston terror had stolen them when I was out. (Mind you, he showed NO INTEREST in the pralines when I was at home.) In a state of panic, I rang the Emergency Vet and they reassured me that pralines are not toxic to dogs… don’t worry… Boogie will probably have some diarrhea and vomitting for a day or so and then he’ll be fine.

Today, Alicia took Boogie for a walk and reported an incident of runny praline poop (“caramel colored with chunky bits in it”). I hope it is all now OUT of his system. I felt sick after eating three whole pralines the night before, I can’t imagine what must be going on inside the poor little dog’s tummy.

Anyway, Boogie seems back to normal now. I hope.

Here he is in his new bed from Costco (only $17! Which makes me realize what a major rip-off pet stores can be!) Boogie likes to drag the cushion out of this bed, fling it around and onto his round chair  and sleep on it up on the chair. Ah Boogie. He’s a funny little fella. BTW, that red tennis ball in the photo has been totally stripped. It now looks like a black rubber ball.

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Boogie, Emma, Wubba

Posted Date: : Feb 22, 2008 1:14 AM

Check out this video: Boogie tries to play with Emma

Emma Dietz doesn’t *play* and Boogie is the most playful dog in the world. He was running around her, barking, bringing her his toys, but she still wasn’t interested. sigh. So I played with him instead. Threw his one-legged rubber chicken back and forth…

Months ago, I submitted this photo to WubbaWorld, they make the “Wubba” – a type of doggie toy that Boogie likes so much that he even sleeps with it….

Today WubbaWorld sent me an email :


Thanks for the great picture. You can show it to
Boogie at
Be sure to email Boogie’s friends. They’ll want to see
Boogie on WubbaWorld too.
Spread the word: Wubba Wubba!

Team Wubba

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Boogie and Friends

Posted Date: : Feb 20, 2008 2:23 AM

Sharing some cute pictures…

Firstly, Boogie and Chumley at Aunty Judy’s house. Chumley is an adorable and funny lunkhead.  He likes to lie down with his back legs sticking out like a frog’s legs.

Both boys played together for a short while but were really more interested in bones and treats.

Judy thinks Chumley is very “well-endowed” but I think Boogie is more well-endowed for his size.  Just take a look at that photo up there.


Pic of  Boogie in the car on Sunday, going downtown to the Southpark Flea Market. He LOVES car rides and looking out the window.


And then this morning…. pics of Boogie with Emma and Butch (while their mom, Christa is away). All three dogs are lying next to the heater because it’s a cold rainy day. That “boston terrier doorstopper” positioned between the cushion and heater is there to prevent the cushion from getting too close to the heat… It’s very warm as it is, but the dogs seem to love “cooking themselves”…

Butch is working away at that yellow squeaky ball. When I took this photo he had already been at it for 30 minutes. Emma is snuggled up to him with her butt hanging off the cushion; and Boogie, as you can see, is hogging most of the cushion.

I think Boogie is feeling a little bewildered by the presence of other dogs….  He sees Butch playing with his toys, lying in his new bed, getting attention from his humans, and he’s not sure what to make of all this. He jumps up onto my lap, sits there and observes around him silently…

And of course, the two boys want to play with the same toys at the same time. Each one wants the toy that the other dog has…

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Boogie gets comfortable

Posted Date: : Jan 24, 2008 4:17 PM

There were so many toys on his chair, there was no place to sleep.
So Boogie came up with a plan….

P.S. An update on the “not eating” issue. Today I mixed in some BEEF canned food in with his kibble (which is a change from the usual CHICKEN canned food) and he licked his bowl clean! Which makes me wonder if he is just spoilt and picky, after all.

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Boogie and Food

Posted Date: : Jan 16, 2008 2:30 AM

Boogie is an odd little doggie. Unlike other dogs I have lived with, he is so UN-motivated by food. He doesn’t eat dog biscuits. He sniffs them and walks away. He’s not crazy about most doggie treats, preferring soft chewy food items, like the chicken/beef/pork/fish that you are having for dinner. Whenever I give him a chewy doggie treat he takes it from my hand, deposits  it on the couch or on his chair, and returns to eat it later “when he feels like it”. There is still a treat inside his kong which has been there for weeks.

The first time I mixed canned pumpkin in his food (to firm up his poo), he sniffed his bowl, glared at me and walked away. Now he will eat pumpkin but probably with some reluctance, knowing that there ain’t nothin’ else…

It’s so strange having a dog that does not follow me each time I walk into the kitchen. Jazzy used to run into the kitchen at any given opportunity and snort for treats… she would even kick the fridge door. Rocky would bump into everything in my apartment but had no trouble finding the kitchen doorway whenever there was somebody in there. George used to sit in front of me every two minutes after learning that “sitting = potential treat”. Not Boogie. He doesn’t really care what goes on in the kitchen. Even when I fill his bowl with breakfast/dinner, I have to call him (away from his toys) to come into the kitchen to eat…

Which makes it tricky for us to train him to “sit” or “stay” or do any number of things that dogs would normally do for a treat. He will sit, but only on his own terms… I had to train him to “sit” by withholding and offering toys instead of treats. Success rate… er… maybe 50%.  Being completely TOY-MOTIVATED, there is nothing he loves more in the world than his four or five icky tennis balls, squeaky cuz ball, red bow wowser ball, wubba toy, furry platypus,  furry half-disembowelled echidna, two kongs, half-chewed plastic chicken leg and Everlasting Treat Ball. Nothing else matters.

See that bone? He had no interest in chewing on it. It was another “fetch toy”.

When Boogie sleeps, he likes to have his toys close to him. Sometimes he sleeps on top of the toys. It no longer surprises us to find tennis balls in our beds. It can’t be comfortable lying on top of hard objects, but look at that face! He is like the happiest most peaceful little cherub in the world….

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Welcome to Boogie’s first Blog/Diary entry!

Posted Date: : Jan 13, 2008 8:08 PM

Welcome to Boogie’s first Blog/Diary entry!

Today was a big day. We met up with Christa’s bosties: Butch and Emma,  and Joy’s and Steff’s doxies: Auto and Zero, at the Silverlake Dog Park.

When we first arrived Boogie was a little uncertain of his new surroundings. He slowly worked his way around the enclosure, curiously sniffing around. When the first tennis ball was thrown, Boogie perked up. He joined in the fun as three other dogs ran after the ball. It took a few minutes for him to realize that he had to run faster. The other dogs were reaching the ball before he did.

It was so wild seeing a facial expression on the Boogs that we had not seen before. Look at that wide open grin! Look at that face! (Somebody needs a bath tonight)

Well, with all that running around he didn’t seem to get tired at all. He ran back and forth along the fence with Emma, barking at the bigger dogs on the other side of the fence. He could’ve played fetch forever. At one point poor Boogs must’ve sprained his leg and was limping. This did not stop him from running after the ball, though. The will to catch the ball was stronger than any sensation of physical discomfort. A few minutes later the leg was back to normal.

[With Butch]

After the dog park, all of us and our doggie friends had coffee and Mr Boogie Meister climbed across every human lap to be complimented and cuddled. He is an attention hog, oh boy does he love it.

[With Steff and Joy]

[With Christa’s blonde locks]

In the car, he was out like a lamp, snoring in the back set. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon on my bed, licking his new Everlasting Treat Ball…

As I am turning into a “crazy Boston terrier lady” – I designed a custom BOOGIE stamp on  I also bought a Boston terrier tote bag this week… the Boston design on the bag has a black spot on his head just like Boogie’s!

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