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Happy Holidays!

Apologies for the long silences between posts and thank you to everyone who has left comments (advice, tips, personal stories etc) on this blog, particularly with regards to Boogie’s skin issues. I have been out-of-town; now I am happy to be back home and snuggling with the Boogs again. He is less itchy now that the weather has cooled down. His coat is still very thin with the same bald patches, and his poor skin has been dry, flaky, and dandruffy.

I am trying a few new things:

  • No chicken in his diet at all. He has been eating lamb and/or fish-based meals. It has only been 1 week… I can’t tell if there is any difference.
  • Adding Pet Kelp to his food. 3 weeks, now. Can’t tell if this is making any difference with his skin, but his poop is looking very good!
  • Virgin Coconut Oil massage, every other day <– THIS is making a difference! Skin is noticeably less dry.
  • New Year Resolution: Make pet treats with the new dehydrator (which is still in its box)

I am determined to do anything to avoid more vet visits & antibiotics! In fact, I took advantage of Monica Segal‘s recent Black Friday Sale and ordered a dietary consultation for Boogie in the new year. I need help figuring out what foods (if any) that Boogie’s system may not be tolerant of.


 Check out Jordan Rothman’s new book  The Misunderstood Dog, with my illustrations. I would describe it as a simpler, easier-to-read version of “The Culture Clash”, written for dog owners. The Boston on the cover is the author’s dog.  Here is the page.


Order a snazzy little name tag that I designed for blanketID.  A percentage of sales goes to Boston Buddies rescue. I think this would make an awesome Xmas gift. They come in red or blue, and small or large sizes. The photos that I have of Boogie wearing this blanketID tag on his collar are kinda blurry…. Will try again later.  ORDER HERE

Who is going to Clicker Expo in San Francisco next month? I would love to meet up! I know names but not faces, so if you recognize me, please say hi! I will be there for the full three days. First time that I am staying for the whole expo and very excited!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! – Lili & Boogie x

December 22, 2012 at 9:08 pm 5 comments

What Is My Dog’s Poo Telling Me?

I swear I am not obsessed with dog poo. This is the first time in my life that I have drawn dog poo and I am doing it because I would rather not be seen taking photos of Boogie’s poo to illustrate this blog post. It’s bad enough to have this drawing (below) on my computer screen when the landlord and workmen showed up in my apartment today. Yep, giant drawings of dog poo on my monitor when I wasn’t even here. Totally embarrassing.

Yes, Boogie really did THREE poos on our walk this morning.

So Boogie eats exactly the same food everyday (not including the scraps that he steals off the sidewalk) so I don’t understand why there is so much variety in his poo. His first poo of the day is always the “healthiest” looking, and as the day progresses, it gets softer, weirder… and just  now at 12pm, he did a totally drippy poo. I am starting to see instances of black poo (= blood) which freaks me and makes me wonder if I should rush him to the vet, but then his poo would switch back to normal a few hours later, so… what does this all mean? Should I be worried?

There is a book titled “What’s Your Poo Telling You”?” I think someone, preferably a veterinarian or dog nutritionist, should produce a similar but serious book about dog poo analysis. Seriously.

Please feel free to discuss your dog’s poo and share your thoughts on dog poo in the comments!


Check out this Fecal Scoring Chart ! (Thanks, Patricia Tirrell!)

Boogie’s first poo of the day would be a #2 or #3.  Then for the rest of the day, it varies. Sometimes #1 (really hard and pebbly, especially if I feed only Stella & Chewy’s with nothing else mixed in), or #5 (like  toothpaste consistency) or #6 (drips out). #5 and #6 are happening more frequently than I am comfortable with. Poor Boogie.

I think I will consult the vet again, ask about possibilities of infection or colitis, and also look for a pet nutritionist. I am starting to wonder if Boogie’s GI  issues and skin issues (which are not getting better) are RELATED and I really want to believe I can ‘fix’ this problem on a nutrition/lifestyle level rather than have to continually rely on antibiotics and steroid meds and high vet bills which I hate so much.

Also: Monica Segal: Stool Chart

November 21, 2012 at 8:22 pm 36 comments

Yeast and itchiness

Recently, a client suggested that I cut out POTATOES (including sweet potatoes & yam) from Boogie’s diet. These are carbohydrates = sugars which contribute to yeast infections.  Yeast infections lead to itchiness and possibly also bacterial infections.

I had no idea about potatoes and it saddens me that the giant boxes of The Honest Kitchen food in my kitchen contain potatoes and honey. Yep, honey is also a sugar. As are rice, wheat, corn, and ALL CARBOHYDRATES…. usually found in treats too.

Today I found this extremely informative video about treating and preventing yeast infections by Dr. Karen Becker. It’s long but worth watching!

Some anti-yeast tips from this video:

  • Anti-fungal foods: Oregano, garlic
  • Clean and disinfect yeasty parts of body every day- especially ears and feet, armpits, groin area…
  • Foot soak: Gallon of water + 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide + 1 cup white vinegar/lemon juice. Astringency = anti-fungal
  • Ear solution: Witchhazel & cottonballs. Clean out debris!
  • No Oatmeal shampoo! (Oatmeal is a grain/carb and will feed the yeast!)
  • Use Anti-fungal shampoo –  tea tree oil based or herbal
  • Post bath rinse: Gallon of water + 20 drops of peppermint oil  (do not get on head), or astringent solution (see Foot Soak). Towel-dry without rinsing.
  • A supplement to support the dog’s immune system.

September 20, 2012 at 7:29 am 14 comments

A gift from Pawalla; Boogie art!

Two days ago, a giant box arrived from a new Los Angeles company called Pawalla.  Boogie was very lucky to be selected to review a sample Pawalla monthly box. Just look at this! Wow.

Eric from Pawalla:

…our pet nutritionist constantly reviews foods from different brands, and selects her favorite all-natural products to put in our monthly box.  The products selected are also customized based on both the size and life stage of the pet (we offer a monthly box for both cats & dogs). So the idea is to help discover and try new products that have been vetted and recommended by a nutritionist.  If you do find something you especially like, we will also offer it for sale at a competitive price from our online store.

click to read: what came in our box

Not only this, the box comes with toys! The first thing I gave to Boogie was the Wapati Labs Elk Antler Chew. Boogie had never seen or smelt an antler chew before so this was a new and exciting thing. He loves it. And then he played with the KONG Traxx tire toy, got a piece of Sam’s Yam Sweet Potato Chew (remnants of which are now all over my rug) and some KONG chewy treats on our walk. Yesterday morning I opened up a can of Weruva Amazon Liver: Chicken & Chicken Liver in Pumpkin Soup to add a spoonful to Boogie’s usual breakfast and Boogie stood by the kitchen door, eyes wide open, perked up and waiting. He knew he was getting something different today. He loved that too!

This morning he sampled some Nutrisca Freeze Dried Chicken with his usual breakfast, and tomorrow maybe some Mulligan’s Beef Stew. I know there’s a rule about not switching dog food too dramatically to prevent upset tummies, so I am adding only tiny portions of the new food to Boogie’s regular THK and S&C food. We have a slight problem with stinky poots, but poops are fine.

The Pawalla Box seems to be an excellent way to try out new non-mainstream brands of dog food (and other goodies) that you might otherwise not know about, and I am happy to see that the selected foods are mostly holistic, grain-free and  made in the USA.  There is a list here of what comes in the monthly box.  $26 for all this  seems very reasonable! I think these boxes would make great gifts too.

**UPDATE – to all Boogie blog readers, use the coupon code BOOGIE20 to receive  20% off  the first month of your Pawalla subscription.**

In other news, I have been making more Boogie artwork available for sale. Check out 
I sure wish I had an iPhone. (For a list of online places where I sell Boogie stuff, click here)

Boogie on Bongos, iPhone case

Boogie on Ukelele t-shirt

July 7, 2012 at 9:07 pm 6 comments

Photos from our Ice Cream Party

These pics are from a couple of weeks ago when Boogie’s neighbors came to visit for ICE CREAM. Recipe and reviews for The Pawfect Parfait are right here. It was interesting to observe that the ice cream became even more delicious to Boogie when there were other dogs interested in it. 🙂

June 21, 2012 at 7:11 pm 1 comment

Love, Tea and Ice Cream

It has been while since I’ve blogged about food. Over the past 2-3 years, I have been  partial to the ‘Varietal Feeding’ approach so Boogie has been eating homecooked meals, Stella & Chewy’s patties, Delifresh’s Vital, and The Honest Kitchen.

Not only is varietal feeding important from the standpoint of preventing boredom, it also helps to ensure that Fido will receive a broader spectrum of nutrition, including enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants, compared with when he eats one single processed food every day.

Many pet food manufacturers caution pet owners not to add anything to their products, claiming that doing so will throw off the balance of nutrients. But a modern, domestic canine’s digestive system is not so primitive that it cannot handle a varied diet. As variety is introduced to the diet, so the body becomes more robust, and even more able to derive benefit from new, fresh ingredients.

Three new foods to blog about this week!

1. The Honest Kitchen’s LOVE is a grain-free, gluten-free beef-based dehydrated dog food and it’s one THK flavor that Boogie hadn’t tried before. (Yes, he has tried all of them. I think his fave is FORCE)

How  cool is it that THK now uses resealable bags!

One thing I like about THK’s foods is their versatility. You can serve THK with other ingredients like cooked meats and veggies, use as a topping, or incorporate into baked doggie treats.

Tonight I served Boogie his first dinner of LOVE, hydrated with QUIET TEA and he finished up everything. Yep, he likes it. 🙂

2. The Honest Kitchen’s QUIET TEA .

Quiet Tea™ is designed for dogs and cats, to help promote calmness and alleviate anxiety, tension and excitability during stressful or over-stimulating situations caused by factors such as separation, thunderstorms, travel, or events.

I am still doubtful that Boogie would drink this tea because he doesn’t drink much of anything at all. Not even water. Example: yesterday I offered Boogie some kefir. He took a few licks and walked away. When I added a dollop of yogurt (which is essentially the same thing but in non-liquid form), he licked the bowl clean.

When I hydrated his food with this Quiet Tea, I was very surprised that Boogie did not stop eating and stare at me as he sometimes does “You expect me to eat this?” The tea has a very strong herbal smell … not a smell I imagine that dogs would enjoy, but what would I know.

Perhaps, I’ll make a Quiet Tea Sorbet.

3. Homemade doggie ice cream: The Pawfect Parfait. Click here for the recipe.  The ingredients are all safe for dogs and I consulted The Honest Kitchen recipe book to make sure.  The ice cream base is banana blended with raw honey and low-fat kefir. Boogie doesn’t eat banana (like I said, he is a picky eater… doesn’t like any fruit except watermelon) but when it’s all mushed up with yogurt I guess it’s no longer banana. Mixed in are sweet crispy bacon pieces and swirls of unsalted peanut butter. I almost added the rendered bacon fat to the ice cream  for extra bacon-y aroma, but decided against this… Don’t want my dog to get pancreatitis or get fat!

Empty clean bowl. I will take this as a sign that Boogie liked the ice cream! Yay.

UPDATE: We just had a visit from our neighbors –  Oliver, Piccolo and Benji. Four dogs at an ice cream party! Boogie is now over-the-limit for today.

June 8, 2012 at 12:37 am 2 comments

Mr. Chewy – review

A few weeks ago, Brent from contacted me with a coupon that I could use to spend on Mr. Chewy products in exchange for a Boogie blog review, so this is it! My honest thoughts and all.

Mr. Chewy is a home-delivery pet food store.

Mr. Chewy delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 70+ brands of pet food and stuff (for free!) while ensuring at-risk animals’ lives are improved across the planet.

I have been receiving monthly shipments from Petflow  for a year now so I am familiar with the concept of ordering dog food in bulk and having it delivered with free shipping.  SO MUCH CHEAPER than buying from the local pet store.  *For treats and  fresh food items, I still get these at the pet store/supermarket.

Buying in bulk is not without its challenges. It took a couple of months for me to work out how many bags of food Boogie would need per month. In the beginning, I under-ordered and  had to return to the local pet store anyway, paying the higher prices. And if there were any shipping delays (in Petflow’s teething stages) or inconsistencies with processing & shipping times, I found myself in the same predicament.  I also found myself  rescheduling my shipments closer together or over-ordering to make up for these problems.

My first impression of Mr. Chewy: They carry a great range of dog food brands. All the ones Boogie and I like: The Honest Kitchen, Halo, Stella & Chewy’s, Zuke training treats. I love the way their products are categorized on the website – you can pick specialty diets (gluten-free, grain-free, limited ingredient etc) and different food forms (Canned, dry, dehydrated or food roll) Very easy to browse.

Secondly, I notice that though they carry less brands than Petflow, their food prices are cheaper than Petflow’s!  With free shipping, this is a bargain.

I placed my order last week, received my Fed Ex tracking number which had delivery scheduled for 1 week later, and am pleased to report that the order arrived on time.

Will I be ordering from Mr. Chewy again?

Here is my honest answer.

YES, if they weren’t located in Pennsylvannia or on the East Coast, or if they were closer to me. I am on the West Coast so it makes more sense for me to continue ordering from Petflow – who ship from Nevada in only a few days. (Easier for me to edit my order at the last minute if I need to) For East Coast folks or anyone who doesn’t care about instant gratification, YES I would recommend Mr. Chewy.  Great selection and prices.

Hint to Mr. Chewy: Could you please carry bully sticks and Bravo training treats?


February 10, 2012 at 8:31 pm 2 comments

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