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Two events: ClickerExpo & The Boston Tea Party

*Update: I have registered for one day of Clicker Expo! I’ll be there on Friday! *


The more I learn about clicker training, the more I want to experience the magic of clicker training in action, in real life …not only on YouTube, and not only with Boogie (who is sort of at beginner level and can’t do complex behaviors)

I found this video of last year’s ClickerExpo on YouTube. Wow.

The next Clicker Expo is in January 2011, Newport Beach and I would love to go…  Unfortunately for this novice aficionado,  the $369  fee to attend the full 3 day event is ridiculously high. The  minimum price of $240 to attend one day is still expensive.

$240…I could buy 2 pairs of shoes or spend 1 night at The Madonna Inn.

Looking at the big picture, I think that attending the ClickerExpo would help me (and Boogie!) make better choices in life,  so please help me raise the funds by commissioning a portrait of your dog!😉

I think I will attend Day 1: Friday because there are more Foundation Level seminars…

I am interested in:

Aarrgh. Overlaps!!!

Who is going to ClickerExpo next year?


Another event that I am excited about is the Boston Tea Party.

This year’s event is hosted by two rescue groups –  Boston Buddies and Boston Brigade – and will take place in Temecula, wherever this is…

Boogie and I will be there!!! This is a free fundraiser meet-up event and there will be hundreds of boston terriers and their people. I can’t wait to meet Chopper the Biker Dog.

Here is the Facebook event page.

The Tea Party logo is a collaboration between the talented Brian Rubenacker and myself and you can buy it on t shirts!  $20 each

Last but not least, here are some cute photos of Boogie and Butch (Christa’s). Nothing like a good treat to get these little doggies to sit patiently and pout at camera.

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