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October 10, 2013 at 9:48 am 5 comments

An update on where we are at.

Last month, Boogie’s skin got really bad and his coat was thinning drastically. We had already been through two courses of antibiotics and steroids… the symptoms went away, and then they came back. So I decided to take Boogie to the Animal Dermatology Clinic for a second opinion and expert treatment.

Here is what I was told:

Boogie’s allergy is definitely environmental and seasonal (I already knew this). It’s unlikely to be food-related. He already eats very good food – grain-free, raw/rare food from Darwin’s Pet, and Nutrisca kibble. Supplements: probiotics, Brewers Yeast & Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar. The topical remedies: Chlorhexidine shampoo, Resicort lotion, and essential oils. Sometimes also EV Coconut Oil. The problem is that the constant scratching and licking leads to infection and inflammation. (well yes, I already knew this too) and he is going bald because his skin was severely inflamed all over.

Boogs was put on Medrol, Simplicef and Ketoconazole for 30 days in addition to the topical treatments. I didn’t see any changes for the first two weeks. Poor Boogie was ravenous, restless, and his skin looked WORSE. In the third week, his skin was looking better (no bumps, redness, crusty bits, flakiness) – though his fur still hasn’t grown back. And then I noticed that he was obsessively licking his paws for most of the day and waking up in the middle of the night to do this.

This week we were back at the Animal Dermatology Clinic with a follow-up appointment …


Animal Dermatology Clinic


Boogie: “this place is boring”

I was given three options:

1. Allergy testing + shots
2. More steroids
3. Atopica

I couldn’t afford the allergy testing (I don’t have a spare $600-$1000 lying around) and Atopica… also a pricey option at $100+ per month. So I chose the option that I could afford that I felt would be the least complicated or with the least side effects. Boogie is now on Medrol steroids again for 60 days (!) and I am also to give him Zyrtec (Aller-Tec) everyday. Look at this crazy schedule…


Medrol schedule for the next 60 days

I hate seeing him so hungry, thirsty and restless on steroids – sigh. I hope the meds work and that he will get some relief. The ONLY advantage to his current state of constant starvation is that he is extra food-motivated and therefore easier to “train” and “lure”.


waiting for the vet


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  • 1. thegraceofdog  |  October 10, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Poor Boogs! Good luck with the latest routine–I hope you both get some relief “lickety” split (sorry… couldn’t help myself)! I hate these sorts of Skin Condition Mysteries!

  • 2. Linda Trunell  |  October 13, 2013 at 3:27 am

    I love your doggie drawings! I am a trainer and blogger and just discovered Boogie’s Blog. My dog also has been very itchy for the past couple of months and I think it is seasonal allergies. He is on a high-quality, grain-free food and also gets krill oil and probiotic supplements. I have been giving him Claritin (regular – not Claritin D) to help relieve the itching. I have been researching products for allergy relief and came across Doggie Goo ( There are many great customer reviews on the site, so I ordered it. Haven’t received it yet but will let you know if it works. I hate to see my dog so uncomfortable so I really sympathize with you and Boogie.

  • 3. ingrid  |  October 19, 2013 at 6:28 am

    my Docker have the same issues as Boogie, we are also still trying to find a solution for his problem, we recently came across a foot soak called “stop paw licking” it shows some promise, hope this will help give Boogie some relieve.

  • 4. Lee Anne  |  October 24, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    My Frenchie is currently on Atopica. However it’s not helping anymore. Last month we bit the bullet so to speak, and had blood drawn and sent for allergy testing at Spectrum Labs in Pheonix. Got the results back and are just starting the allergy injections that was made up based on the findings. It is our hope to ween her off of the Atopica and antibiotics and maintain her health with injections. For me, it was worth finding the money and having her tested. We now know that she has 19 environmental triggers and 6 food triggers as well. Turns out that in spite of being on an expensive, healthy, and well balanced food, she was allergic to it.

    I found that once I added up the cost of the appointments, cost of the antibiotics, Atopica, steroids, surolan cream, and panalog cream, along with every other associated expense, the allergy testing and lifetime of injections ended up being lest costly and more healthy. It’s just that initial blood work that is so pricy. But also, shop around. Not all vets charge the same rates. My local, go to vet, would have cost me $1000’s for this treatment. I found a country vet an hour outside the city, who specializes in all bulldogs, and their prices were much more reasonable. Now bare in mind, I live in Canada, so you must consider the exchange rate: the bloodwork sent off to Spectrum cost $425, and 9 months of injections (including all the needles) was $145. The lifetime maintainence shots will cost about the same $145 per year after that. We aren’t expecting to see any improvement in her until at least the end of January and will not see full results until May.

  • 5. Foastic Fubas  |  June 19, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Hi, thank you for sharing your experience. I am having issues with my Boxer and the symptoms are almost identical to Boogies. I have read everything I can find so far and was wondering how Boogie is doing now, and if the Medrol is a solution I should consider.
    Thank you very much, you’ve been a big help.


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