To crate or not to crate; Bionic Biotic…

September 4, 2013 at 7:10 am 4 comments

I always crate Boogie before I go out and I have been doing this for years. The main reason being that he used to relocate or destroy stuff when I was out, and the second reason – I didn’t want him getting into the habit of barking at people outside the window when I am not around to divert him from these triggers or to help calm him down.

About a month ago when Boogie was on his recent course of Temaril-P (side effects: extra thirst & restlessness)  I felt bad about keeping him cooped up for up to 3 hours at a time. I thought it would be more comfortable for Boogie if he could move around, so for those couple of weeks, I stopped crating him.

Everything was fine at first. I would come home to a Boogie curled up in his open crate, on his bed or in my bed. He’s a bit deaf so sometimes he doesn’t even hear me enter the apartment.

And then one night when Nathan and I were out to dinner for only 30 minutes, this happened….


Yes, Boogie was on my computer keyboard and I don’t know what password he entered. And that trash can is actually twice his height and heavy!  Of course, the steroid meds had made him so hungry and he was so obsessed with finding food that he was prepared to do anything! I felt I had no choice but to start crating Boogie again because there was no way on earth I was going to risk him eating something dangerous from the trash. (coffee grounds and Darwin Pet’s ‘raw meat’-lined plastic packets – eeeuughh!)

However, the temperature in LA has been 100+ degrees. It has been so unbearably hot that Boogie has been flopping down on the floor – changing locations throughout the day – in order to keep cool. And once again I wonder if it’s cruel to keep him enclosed in a small space even with the fan and AC on. It can’t be comfortable in that crate when all he wants to do is spread out all over the floor.

I am pleased to report that I have come up with a no-crating management solution for when I am out of the apartment. Before I step out, this is what I do…

  1. I still call Boogie to his crate and give him a treat. (He usually runs in there by himself anyway when he sees me pick up my keys) But I don’t shut the crate door.
  2. I move Boogie’s water bowl out of the kitchen and block off the kitchen  with a baby gate. (no access to any food or trash)
  3. I fill the bath tub with some water so if Boogie is hot he can go cool down his paws (this is his Summer thing)
  4. I still lock my PC keyboard.

Everything has been working out great. I can’t believe I never thought of blocking off the kitchen before. When I come home – all is as it should be. Trash is safe. Boogie is sleeping in one of his many beds. He may still bark out the window but oh well…


Boogie says: “Is he for me?”

Masked Dog is a character from Mucha Lucha. I designed him over 10 years ago and I can’t believe I have never owned a Masked Dog plush toy until now. Boogie was very excited to meet Masked Dog but I will have to keep these two separate because Masked Dog is MINE 🙂

BionicBiotic_spoonLast week I was sent a free packet of Bionic Biotic  by Pooch & Mutt for Boogie to try out. Poor Boogie still has skin issues – his coat is thinning very drastically – he is getting so bald you can see his black freckles showing through the white parts. He will soon turn into a black and grey boston terrier 😦

And now that he is no longer on antibiotics, I am seeing the dreaded return of red (bumpy and crusty) spots on his skin. From what I have been told, it could be a few weeks before I see a result with Bionic Biotic, and we only just started a few days ago so it is too soon to tell if this will help. I really really hope so! I will keep you all posted. I am also bathing Boogie with Cortisoothe and Hexadene shampoos – and still adding Brewers yeast and garlic to his food. I have a suspicion that these medicated shampoos may be contributing to his hair loss… I don’t know for sure. It seems that the more I bathe him, the more hair he loses… But I can’t not bathe him when he is so allergic to grass and pollens.

What antibacterial shampoos do you all use?

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  • 1. thegraceofdog  |  September 4, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    I’d love to see a picture of Boogie cooling off his paws in the tub! Good luck with the new probiotics… can’t wait for the report!

    • 2. lili  |  September 5, 2013 at 1:03 am

      I would share a photo but my bathtub is not very photogenic right now (needs to be repainted ) He is very cute when he hops in and out! 🙂

  • 3. Kati Bertotto  |  September 20, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    My male Boston is having the same skin issues and your dog and I can’t seem to get it fixed. He has a huge bald spot on the back of his neck.. no hair under his neck.. and like 5 spots on his back that are thinking. I have had him on stariodes, antibiodics, and a medicated cream for the bumps. Nothing is truly working. I changed his food to a grain free, no chicken, no turkey, no white potato formula as advise and so far still itchy. I use a medicated shampoo called
    Keratolux Medicated Shampoo that works ok but not 100%. I don’t know whatelse to do. He looks terrible and it is costing me a fortune. Any ideas that you could suggest? Thank you! BostonCraz

    • 4. lili  |  October 5, 2013 at 5:58 pm

      Hi Kati,
      In Boogie’s case, it’s a seasonal allergies thing. We went to the Dermatology specialist a few weeks ago and it also cost me a fortune in oral and topical meds… He is improving but the weather is also cooling down (change of seasons) so that could be a part of it.


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