Home cooking: Week 5

March 14, 2013 at 7:19 am Leave a comment

Still following a home cooked diet. About 20% of the time anyway, as I still mix in a bit of Stella & Chewy’s or Primal  freeze-dried food from time to time. I have bags of these foods bought a month ago, that would otherwise go to waste.

7 days of food… I store these in the freezer and thaw a new container each day.

Freshly cooked dinners.

It takes only about 1-2 hours per week  and it is so much cheaper! 25lb active dog: 3lbs of ground meat, 2 lbs of veggies, and supplements. Under $30 a week. Amazing.

Is the food making a difference to Boogie’s skin condition? It’s really hard to tell. He is still itchy and has those flaky bits and blistery bumps. But I *think* his fur is growing back a bit more. And he LOVES this new diet.

I have a couple of questions about using a dehydrator to make meaty dog treats (like Bravo treats):

  • If I want to dehydrate pieces of chicken, beef, or liver, do I have to cook the meat first before dehydrating?
  • What if the meat is frozen? Does it need to be thawed out first? Or can it go straight into the dehydrator?

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