Two days in Seattle

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Boogie’s bed is on the right

No, I didn’t bring Boogie. Though when I look at the photo that my friend Christa sent me while I was away (of Boogie curled up in Butch’s tiny bed) I’d like to believe that Boogie was telling us: “Look at how small I really am! I can fit underneath an airline seat!”

Boogie is a whopping 26 lbs. Too big to fly.

In Seattle I had the pleasure of visiting the huge and impressive Ahimsa Dog Training Center where I met up with Grisha Stewart (author of the BAT book that I illustrated) and her amazing Peanut, a dog of many skills and tricks.

I also finally met Jen and Gigi whom I have known for YEARS on the internet. I have drawn Gigi the doxie girl, many times and she is so much tinier in real life than how I always imagined her! My drawings of Gigi also appear on the labels of Jen’s custom-made lipbalms: Your Lips But Better.

We had breakfast, walked the dogs, visited the Fremont Troll under the bridge, and took photos. It was fun!

A photo with Grisha and Jen –

It’s great to be back home with Boogie.

After a week on Temaril-P, he is less itchy but I am still concerned about the hair loss… there are bald spots and some areas where his coat is scary thin. Back to the vet on Friday.

Thanks to everyone who has been recommending supplements and holistic treatments! I really appreciate it! The tricky part is knowing what to choose… there are SO MANY products out there…

In other news, the MALL DOGS documentary that I hope to be working on, has not met its Kickstarter fundraising goal so if you have backed this project – THANK YOU! – You won’t be owing Kickstarter any money. We are now asking for support over at Please spread the word and chip in if you can.

Last but not least, I am registered to attend Clicker Expo 2013 in San Francisco! Three days! Woohoo. I have also already picked the seminars that I want to go to. 🙂 Anyone going to Clicker Expo next year?

I would also LOVE to go to the Bob Bailey/Sophia Yin event in November,  but alas, unless a miracle happens or a very high-paying job comes in soon, there is only so much travel that I can afford to do this year.

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Helping dogs to be brave, Another vet visit. Boogie’s skin problems – solutions! Fingers crossed.

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