Boogie’s Birthday Wishlist

November 24, 2011 at 6:54 pm 1 comment

That’s December 11th, everybody! If you have a Boogie On Scooters calendar, you would know this 🙂  In actual fact, nobody knows  Boogie’s real date of birth (nor his real age),  so his birthday is really his adoption day from Boston Buddies Rescue . Boogie will be turning either 7, 8, or 9 years old.

Sadly, I won’t be here for Boogie’s birthday this year. I will be in Malaysia and Boogs will be staying with Christa and Butch.


1. Dog Bed.
You can never have too many dog beds. I usually buy beds from ROSS, Target, Walgreens etc. because we know what happened to the $100 fancy bed  from 2 years ago. LOVE this B.Pet Bubble Bed… and it can’t be chewed up!

We also love MollyMutt duvet and pillow covers and are disappointed that Sleepypod carrier-beds aren’t made for dogs over 12.5 pounds.

2. Dog Car Seat.
Boogie LOVES car rides and looking out the window. Unfortunately he is only a small dog so he has to stand on his two back legs to reach the window and he will in fact suffer this position for long car rides (with seat belt attached to his harness), which can’t be good for his back joints and is also potentially dangerous. Some sort of secure booster seat for the passenger side (that is easily detachable from the actual car seat) would be ideal. Does anyone know where I can find more attractive versions of THIS SEAT or  THIS SEAT ?  Preferably in red or black so that it matches my car interior. (Hello, Dogmilk? 😉 )

3. Nylabone Corn Cob chew toys.
Always. Boogie enjoys toys with either lots of outer texture or inner stuffing.

4. A Blanket ID tag.
I have never liked having lots of jingly jangly tags on Boogie’s collar, so the concept of wearing ONE tag that covers a whole bunch of information that is accessible online really appeals to me. Because I am an “online” kinda dog owner.  Check out 

Boogie says THANK YOU in advance!  xox

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More Cephalexin. Boogie is a DINOS (“Dogs In Need of Space”)

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  • 1. Sue Yellen  |  November 24, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Hey Boogie, why not a custom sticker or your adorable self for your car or crate (travel) or locker or fridge at


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