BRAVO training treats

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Photographic evidence that this dog does NOT eat raw..

The bits of chicken liver meat on the floor around Boogie’s bowl are not 100% raw, but they are not fully-cooked. I mixed these liver pieces in with fully cooked chicken and veggies. Boogie sniffed the food, then looked up at me as if to say “What the heck is this?” and removed the liver pieces from his bowl. He eventually ate them up, after the bowl was already licked clean. (I know that he likes cooked liver though)

Freeze-dried raw is different… And I wish that BRAVO made freeze-dried or dehydrated dog food instead of the frozen raw kind that  hardcore dog people rave about, which Boogie will not eat. As I  posted previously on this blog, I am trying out different kinds of freeze dried/dehydrated dog foods. It’s a pity that most brands are so expensive compared to THK.

When I was at Clicker Expo, I received free samples of  freeze dried training treats by BRAVO and I was so impressed I ordered more via

Boogie loves the Trail Mix formula which is a variety of freeze-dried beef hot dogs, turkey, buffalo and cheddar cheese pieces. *I* love these treats because the pieces are small and light (excellent value – you get hundreds of treats in each 4 oz bag), the ingredients are simple, the pieces don’t crumble, and my hands and pockets don’t stink.


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