A Boogie Valentine

January 14, 2011 at 10:15 am Leave a comment

My drawing of Boogie on a Farfisa organ as a Valentine’s Day Card…

I held a contest on the Doggie Drawings facebook page and “Sending You a Love Note” was the winning caption.  (“I am not wearing any pants” came a close second)

Boogie has a haggerty spot shaped like a love-heart. In reality, it is shaped more like a plectrum.

Haggerty Spot: One of the old founding lines of Bostons way back in the early 1900’s was owned by the Haggertys. Many of their Bostons were born with the dot on the top of their heads, and the marking became associated with the line. Hence, when you see it, it is ofter referred to as a “Haggerty dot”, “spot” or a “Haggerty star”. Most lines can be traced to Haggerty stock ‘way back, and the dot pops out once in awhile in just about any of the present kennels. Vincent Perry, a very honoured international all-breed judge, and highly respected Boston breeder who wrote “The Boston Terrier”, a book that went to at least 5 editions, called it “the kiss of God” and considered it the icing on the cake as far as perfect markings were considered. (via Boston Terrier Club of America)

Each card is individually printed and assembled by Yours Truly. Purchase “Boogie on Farfisa” Valentine’s Day cards HERE.

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