Back home with Boogie!

August 13, 2010 at 8:10 am Leave a comment

It’s good to be back home with Boogie, whom I missed terribly when I was away for 2 weeks in Malaysia. I met other dogs in Malaysia and thought of Boogie. I watched
How To Train Your Dragon on the plane and thought of Boogie. Speaking of which, there is a new DVD training series from Grisha Stewart – Organic Socialization which I cannot wait to watch. I have read that this latest DVD is even better than the first one, and what’s more, some of my dog training related illustrations are on it! 🙂

Meanwhile, here are some cool dog behavior related links:

Raising a Rubber Band Dog (Boogie is somewhere between a HDD and a SPD…)

Organic Training by Kathy Sdao

Never Punish a Dog For Growling

Dog Whispering Can Backfire (I have been drafting a very long blog post on how I feel about The Dog Whisperer. I wonder if it’s worth publishing seeing that there are already tons of passionate online articles on this topic…)

Sarah’s latest Newsletter – Who doesn’t already know about Cesar Millan’s “Exercise, Discipline and Affection” spiel? I love Sarah’s  own  Holy Trinity of Dog Training: “Maintenance, Exercise and Mental Stimulation”…

Sharing here a cute Boston Terrier magnet by TAPAS KIDS that I picked up at Hong Kong airport:

More later!

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DOG TOYS! New training challenge: Capturing “relaxation”

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