Boogie and Rosie!

May 30, 2010 at 8:44 pm 2 comments

Rosie is an adorable little boston girl – also a Boston Buddies rescue, who belongs to my friends Jen and Aaron. (See my drawing of Rosie here)

Boogie and Rosie met for the first time at the 2009 Boston Tea Party and yesterday, the two bosties had their first playdate. The flirtatious 2 year old Rosie was determined to win stoic Boogie’s heart and before long, we crazy BT parents had our cameras in our hands, laughing and  aawww-ing  at all the face-licking, cheek-nibbling, wrestling, BT500s, toy-swapping, grass-munching, and playful chases inside and outside of the house. Rosie was a riot. She followed Boogie everywhere, wiggled her butt, kissed his face, and even licked Boogie’s um… boy parts. Then he tried to mount her and she made him chase her around the house.

As I don’t have a fenced yard at home and it’s not safe to let him off-leash around here, it was so wounderful to see Boogie running around happily outdoors and with a playmate his own size who has just as much energy as he does, if not more! Rosie was the perfect little girlfriend and boy did she wear him out!

By the end of the afternoon….


Ssshhhh… Don’t tell the Boogs that Rosie already has lots of other boyfriends.

Some videos from yesterday:

More Boogie & Rosie photos:

My Flickr Set

Jen’s Flickr Set

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