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March 7, 2010 at 2:23 am 1 comment

1. DOOG waist belt
I have been searching for a good-looking waist belt and I like that this one looks and feels more like a flat wide belt, and less like a bulky fanny pack. I want to be able to carry a lot of stuff when walking with Boogie and this is perfect. I love that there are lots of pockets for treats, keys, wallet etc. and and you can also attach a leash to it!  How geeky is this – there is even a velcro flap for attaching a tennis ball!

2. THE THINKING DOG by Gail Tamases Fisher. (Thank you, Sarah!) I may have to order my own copy. The Thinking Dog is written from the perspective of a traditional “Compulsion-Praise” trainer who crossed over into “Clicker (Marker) Training”. The book covers the principles and mechanics of the three major dog training methods and also, the technical and mental challenges you and your dog might face you when crossing-over. (Yep) There are also detailed instructions for clicker training. The tone is really engaging, encouraging, and uplifting, with no bashing of other techniques. Super helpful.

3. HUGE LATEX MONKEY – on sale at Helping Udders, where a percentage from proceeds goes to the Rescue of your choice! Because a dog like Boogie can never have too many toys. The squeaky sound that the monkey makes is already extremely annoying, but I hope that this toy will last a longer time than all the others…

4. BOOGIE PAINTING by Brian Rubenacker. I am a huge fan of Brian’s work. I drew Brian’s bostons and he sent me this painting of Boogie in exchange which was stuck at the post office for two months (and presumed to be lost) because stupid USPS did not send me a delivery notice until this week. I am so thrilled that it wasn’t delivered to the wrong address or lost!

[Boogie – the one on the right – is eagerly waiting for a treat]

Also interested in…

1. Clickerleash –I am looking forward to their new version which is supposed to be smaller and lighter than the current version.

2. Dog training “Food Tube” (thanks, Ripley’s blog!) – for dispensing soft treats like wet dog food, cheese, peanut butter etc. so your hands don’t smell like meat.

3. H2O4K9 water bottles. oooh so pricey, but they look so cool!

4. Nina Ottoson’s Dog Brick puzzle . Another pricey item. It sure looks like a good game for a serious dog like Boogie. (Right? Right?) I wish they would send ME a free sample. 😉

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Training homework & the week in review Lesson#3: On the street

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