The little things that make me smile

December 24, 2009 at 7:57 am Leave a comment

1. I woke up this morning and Boogie was sitting on the bed next to my head. I said “Good morning Boogie! Kiss?” He put his face in front of mine and licked my mouth.

2. Today we saw a dog on our street. Uh-oh, trouble… I called Boogie. He turned around and sat down in front of me. “See mom? I know the drill”.

3. Boogie pulling forward on the leash. I called him. He slowed down and waited. When I was caught up next to him, he pulled forward again. (Or how Boogie trained ME to heel)

4. When Boogie drops his toy by the front door or in his food bowl… then sits calmly and waits.

5. When Boogie sits at the foot of a tree and waits. Because we all know that GOOD THINGS (like squirrels) come to little dogs who sit and wait.

6. Sometimes when I pick up the leash and call Boogie to go for a walk, he looks up from the cushion and rolls over onto his back.

7. Boogie curled up tightly like a cat, face squished against cushion. This one never gets old.


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