On Thyroid-related behavior issues

December 18, 2009 at 12:23 am Leave a comment

This is something I learned only recently and today Boogie had his blood taken for a Thyroid test. We will get the results on Saturday. Fingers tightly crossed.

*UPDATE: The vet hasn’t received all the results yet. Still waiting….

It has been said that aggression issues (especially “aberrant aggression”, fear of strangers etc.)  can be linked to thyroid issues and that medication can help in addition to behavior modification. Sometimes, medication eliminates all the symptoms and a fearful/anxious/aggressive dog becomes friendly again. (wow. Sounds too good to be true?)

Some links:

The number of animals showing various types of aberrant behavior in these three classical modes (aggression, extreme shyness or seizure-like activity) has been increasing in frequency over the last decade. Consequently, we began to examine these animals by using the stepwise diagnostic approach outlined above [ Complete history; clinical examination; neurological work-up; routine laboratory testing of CBC, blood chemistry and thyroid profiles, urinalysis, fecal exam and x-ray; additional specific laboratory tests as indicated; examination of cerebral spinal fluid; more specialized neurological examinations). We were surprised to find that in many cases studied, significant abnormalities were found in the thyroid profile.

Boogie doesn’t show any of the usual symptoms of thyroid disease like ADD, lethargy and weight gain, but we know he has aggression issues and Dr. R said that he has recurring skin problems and ear infections… and while allergies may be the primary cause of these infections, we can’t rule out low thyroid levels.

We’ll wait and see…

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Some of Boogie’s birthday presents Progress report!

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