Some of Boogie’s birthday presents

December 16, 2009 at 8:36 pm Leave a comment

1. You saw the squirrel. It was de-squeaked on Day One and is also missing his white fluffy innards. Boogie still loves chewing on the skin and ripping pieces off.

2. The big blue plush Octopus, which has now become a Septopus. Boogie loves this octopus. Loves it, loves it, loves it. It has also lost its voice and some innards, and who knows… may turn into a Sextopus in a couple of days.

3. Rib Eye steak. Ok, not really an exotic treat because Boogie’s dad spoils him with pieces of steak after our dinner.  And we eat rib eye steak several times a week.

4. A new Mr. Roboto doggie duvet from Mollymutt .  The duvet is really cute and you stuff it yourself with old garments. No fluff! Easily laundered!  The only problem is that I don’t have enough old garments to stuff it with so I am using an old cushion for now which isn’t flat enough to be comfortable. Donations of old clothing, blankets, towels etc. (otherwise destined for Goodwill) accepted!

5. A handmade “gingerbread man” collar.THANK YOU for sending this, Lindsey! (I drew Lindsey’s boston girl – Kylie.)

5. TreatKeep.   I found this treat pouch when searching for something hands-free and portable that I could keep slimey (sausage/cheese) treats in without having to stink-up my pockets or resort to a fanny pack. This pouch is small, lightweight and clips onto my waist. Bit hard to squeeze open with one hand though, as the rubber is really stiff. The order came with free toys! (that red ball)

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