Boogie’s Birthday Wishlist

November 30, 2009 at 8:23 am Leave a comment

In a few days, Wes and I will be heading out of town and Boogie will be staying with his Aunt Christa, Butch, Emma and two cats. I hope that he will be a good boy. (please please don’t chew anything up and please please don’t lunge at anyone)

I said to Wes that I will miss Boogie terribly. As I always do. Wes doesn’t believe me. He thinks that I will be RELIEVED to not have a needy and demanding little dog follow me around all day, dropping tennis balls  at my feet while I try to work.

It’s Boogie’s birthday next month on December 11th! This is the date that Wes and I adopted him from BostonBuddies two years ago. We are not sure how old he will be. 6 years old? 7? He is still very young in spirit.

With a little help from me, Boogie has compiled a wishlist of stuff that he would like for his birthday:

  1. Racoon (or Squirrel) Pentapull
  2. Sea Creature
  3. Mr Roboto duvet (small)
  4. West Paw Bumper Bed (small)
  5. Grrrona Beer
  6. Camera
  7. HumungaStache
  8. Puppycakes
  9. Modern Dog bowl
  10. The Smart Dog game
  11. Of course, he would also gladly accept more squeaky tennis balls and corn cobs.

[thank you to <— great blog for doggie shopping ideas!]

One thing for sure, we won’t be wanting any more fancy doggie beds for Boogie.

The fancy bed

Wes: “I can’t even LOOK at that bed. It cost a hundred bucks”.

Well, it wasn’t all Boogie’s fault. I learned that this Bella Creature Comforts bed has actually been discontinued. They don’t make it anymore and it’s no wonder why. The fabric covering is quite soft and flimsy, and the photo above shows the sad and sorry results after much  “fluffing” . And of course, when Boogie saw the fluff coming out, he got excited and the bed became a big fun plush toy. He had green fluff hanging from his flews tonight.

Oh that Boogie Monster.

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