The new Boogie morning routine

October 24, 2009 at 7:55 am Leave a comment

After doing two solid weeks of Bootcamp,  our long morning walks around Los Feliz seemed really boring by comparison. Same old same old.  So I decided that a change would be good for the both of us – something that could feel more like a workout – and we now have a new routine.

Mid-morning, we hop in the car  – which Boogie LOVES!!! He props himself up on the  passenger seat, sticks his head out the window and takes in the sights and smells like it’s the best-est thing in the whole world – and we head to the park for a 30 min to 1 hour long walk. So far we have hiked up Bronson Canyon, to the Griffith Observatory from Ferndell and around Silverlake Reservoir. It is SO nice to not have traffic lights and people distractions! Why I haven’t been doing this more often, I don’t know.

Griffith Observatory - The grass feels good!

Well, actually I do know why. In Life-before-Obedience-Training, it was impossible to take Boogie anywhere without him pulling on the leash and being a pain in the butt. It is now such a pleasure  to walk together, side by side. Wow, my dog heels. This is so cool. I keep the leash loose. When he moves too far ahead, I call him, he slows down and is back by my side. I pack treats and we practice commands. Sometimes we stop and he sniffs around the bushes, pees on stuff. This is our new bonding/workout experience when not at Bootcamp.

Bronson Caves & Hollywood Sign

Bronson Caves

Bronson Caves

Thankfully, Bronson Canyon is fairly quiet. The occasional presence of off-leash dogs heading towards Boogie make me nervous, but dog owners are pretty cool if  I warn them in advance that my dog is “not friendly”. They call their dogs, I make Boogie SIT and STAY, and then we all move along with no drama. Perhaps one day I will be able to let Boogie socialize with new dogs and he won’t lunge or growl. I hope this CAN happen some day…

While we are getting into the spirit of hiking together, I have to share pics of Boogie’s new jogging outfit which I bought on etsy.  Wes took one look and shook his head – “This is so wrong. He’s a DOG”. Well, I personally think it’s SUPER CUTE!

Imagine this as Boogie’s halloween costume. We stick a headband on him, and give him a mini tennis racket. He already has the tennis balls.

Just kidding 🙂

Next hiking destination: I want to check out Elysian Park.

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