Another “poop” blog entry…

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Posted Date: : Jun 27, 2008 11:33 PM
… that may not be of interest or even ‘disgusting’ to readers who don’t have dogs. (Just warnin’ ya!)

So like I said earlier I have been concerned about the amount of poo that Boogie has been producing for the past couple of weeks. For instance, this morning’s poo was a shocker. Boogie expelled a continuous eight-inch long LOG of poo that was about half the length of his body. I am not exaggerating.

I even started a thread on WOOF Forum about this issue and some people think it’s because I had been adding “fillers” like rice; or it could even be all the vegetable ingredients in the new food which Boogie’s system has not yet adjusted to. I mean, his poop looks fine. It’s firm and not runny at all. There is often green vegetabley looking stuff in it (which they say is normal) and maybe they’re right – the veges are just going in one end and out the other.  Perhaps he is not absorbing them nutritionally… Do dogs NEED vegetables in their diet? I don’t know. As a filler, it’s healthier than corn, wheat, gluten, or processed grain right?

Yesterday the probiotic supplement that I’d ordered from a WOOF forum member arrived and I started adding this to Boogie’s food. It’s called FastTrack Canine Microbial Supplement and you can only order it online. It resembles acidophilus ‘white’ powder and is pricey, but you only add 1/4 tsp. per day so it will last a long time.

I am not expecting this supplement to solve “the problem”but I thought what could it hurt to give him something that will prevent GI/digestive problems and boost his immune system in general? I may be way too obsessed with my dog’s health but I remember  Jazzy’s stomach tumors and I don’t want anything like this ever happening to the Boogs.

Interestingly, today was different. After the monster log of poo this morning, Boogie did not poop on every single walk. This is the first day in a long time that he has had a normal “3 times a day” pooping schedule and I am feeling hopeful. I wonder if the probiotic is doing some good already? Or is he finally done with the purging? I don’t know.

Fingers crossed!!!

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