Can this dog be trained to hack a safe?

June 21, 2008 at 7:10 am Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Jun 21, 2008 8:52 AM

Last night I gave Boogie a couple of these new “Pecks” treats which he happily ate and then begged for more.  It’s a gamble with this dog… he is very picky when it comes to crunchy biscuity treats. He would rather have meat or something soft and chewy.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of leaving the jar on the coffee table. Well, the truth is I didn’t think Boogie would chew through plastic. (This isn’t like a cardboard tube of Pringles) I thought it was safe to leave this on the table.

Tonight I wanted to give him a treat and I couldn’t find the jar.

Lo and behold, somebody had “buried” the jar underneath the couch. Not only that, the lid was off and there were cookies spilled out on the floor. I don’t know how many Boogie had eaten but obviously he didn’t love them enough to eat them all up. The jar was still practically full. (Sometimes I am so thankful that he is a picky eater)

The thing that baffles me is – How the heck did he unscrew the lid off this jar? Wes thinks that I mustn’t have screwed the lid on tightly enough, but still… the lid had not been chewed off. It had definitely been unscrewed off.

One of these days I must install a camera in this apartment.

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