Boogie’s new (improved) diet and lifestyle

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Posted Date: : Jun 11, 2008 11:17 PM

I started cooking for Boogie about a week ago. I have been frying up white rice with meat (so far – chopped up chicken, pork or minced turkey), a few veges, pinch of parsley and garlic… and then I put some warm hydrated Honest Kitchen Force over the rice like a mushy gravy and he loves it.

I cook up about 2-3 days worth of meat & rice each time and yes, it’s time consuming (and more expensive) and I don’t know how long I can keep up with this routine, but already I am finding it really hard to open another can of Hills i/d. I feel so much better knowing exactly what he is eating. I don’t even feel so bad about giving him the occasional decadent ‘human food’ treat (No, not krispy kremes).

With homecooking and new food, the greatest incentive of all is being able to see the difference! Boogie’s coat is looking nicer (it could also be the new Kelco shampoo that I am using), his eyes are not as watery and goopy as they were a week ago. He hasn’t puked, he has been playful and happy and his poop is looking good. TONS of it but smaller and more “pickable” (ie, “cleaner”) units.

I am still slowly increasing the amount of  Force that I am feeing him in proportion to cooked food. I really hope that all continues to go well and that he doesn’t one day suddenly do a big puke and get sick like he did on the raw patties and also the California Natural canned “chicken and rice”. Maybe he’s just one of these dogs who doesn’t do well on “commercial dog food” ….

Now I have to stop him from rolling around in the grass as he loves to do. Today I noticed rashy redness all underneath his body – no doubt from dragging himself on the grass this morning. I think he does this because it helps him cool down in the heat. Memo to self: carry a small spray bottle of water on our walks.

On the weekend, Wes and I took Boogie for a short hike in Griffith Park. Here are some nice photos by Wes:

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If Boogie wasn’t so cute Belly-up Boogaloo

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