If Boogie wasn’t so cute

June 9, 2008 at 4:11 pm Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Jun 9, 2008 4:11 PM

So much for trying to set his diet straight. I have been doing quite well these past couple of days and then I came home today to find an empty box on my kitchen floor. The box was once sitting on the kitchen counter and consisted of one “New York Cheesecake” Krispy Kreme donut (which I was looking forward to eating today). I don’t know how the heck Boogie got the box down because the kitchen counter is quite high. He must have jumped and jumped as high as he could and pawed the thing down, or pulled it down with his teeth, I have no idea!

He had also emptied both my purses and there was change all over my floor but anyway, I am more concerned about his “sensitive tummy”, the stolen donut and how he reached it.

Boogie knew what he had done. The moment I stepped into the kitchen, the little guilty dog slowly crept away from me towards the couch… He sat with his back towards me, crouched over, ears down, and then he turned his head to look me very sheepishly. I called him and he came up to me slowly and licked my hand as if to say: “Please don’t be mad. I couldn’t help it”.

This little rascal seems to be learning new skills each day. Nothing is safe. Not only can he open cabinet doors, knock down a 6lb trash can, unzip Christa’s gym bag, and remove the lid off a shoebox to steal my shoes…. he can now also jump high enough to grab stuff off the kitchen counter.

I guess it’s time to put everything away from the kitchen counter. I don’t suppose he’ll get to the booze, will he?

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