Vet Visit #3

May 31, 2008 at 3:50 pm Leave a comment

It was Boogie’s third vet visit today. Good news is that his anal glands are better. Dr. Reina expressed them and some of the goopy medication from two weeks ago came out, so I guess he still has a medicated toosh and all should be fine in a matter of time.

Dr Reina also looked at his eyes and noted that the pink inner corners are more prominent and that his eyes are super teary. (Dr: “It is better that they are extra watery than dry”). I mentioned the itching and scratching and it appears that the Boogs might have allergies.

As for whether these are seasonal/pollen-related or food-related, we don’t know. Dr Reina doesn’t think that the symptoms are major enough to require anti-histamines but if they get worse then we’ll do something about it. He suggested more regular baths (in case it’s pollen-related) and to wait a while until summer is over to see if the symptoms are still there. If they are then we’re dealing with a food allergy and I may want to try him on a new protein source.

I have been cooking for Boogie these past few days – adding boiled chicken or salmon to his food and I must be giving him way too much because the Boogs has put on weight since his last vet visit which was only 2 weeks ago!(He is now a whopping 26.6 lbs!) I am also adding small amounts of The Honest Kitchen (dehydrated food) to the cooked meat and Hills i/d, and his poop is looking good aside from the occasional few plastic yellow corn kernels from his corn cob chew toy…

When we were at the vet’s today, a lady rushed in with a little white poodle she had found on the side of the road. The poor little dog was wrapped up in newspaper and bleeding from being hit by a car… he/she had no identification collar. The vet tech was great – she said that they will scan the dog for microchip id and she will take him home in the meantime until they find the owner. The lady who brought the dog in was asked for a donation to help pay the bill, and I offered some money too. I can’t believe that someone would hit a dog and drive off just like that. I hope they find the little dog’s owner….

Oh, and before I forget… see Boogie’s fabulous Myspace profile pic? This is a glittery painting of Boogie by my friend Dale Sizer. It is also one of my favorite birthday presents this year. Isn’t it wonderful?

Dale is a professional artist and he draws great dog portraits (he has two bull terriers) amongst many other things. His style is super slick and much more detailed and photorealistic than my style. If you want to pay him for a portrait of your doggie you will not be disappointed. Dale’s website:

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