Crazy dog person shopping list + THK

May 6, 2008 at 5:21 pm Leave a comment

Posted Date: : May 6, 2008 5:21 PM

It goes without saying that Boogie has more toys than he needs. He is set for life. (well, maybe until that orange dinosaur cuz loses the rest of his tail…)

Two dog-related items that interest me:

1. Pet’s eye view camera
I now have a lockable latch on the sink door where the trash is kept. But not all my kitchen closet doors are lockable. They don’t even shut tight. Yesterday he had dragged out and chewed open a bag of Epsom salts. There was salt all over my kitchen floor. (If there was no salt on the floor I would’ve been more concerned)  And then there was the time I went to bed and found a nylabone under my pillow….

2. Elevated Feeder
It’s actually cheaper ($50) to order this lovely custom-made feeder online than to buy an ugly metal one ($100) from Catts & Doggs! We have one of these coming to us soon….

I also have so many food samples coming to me… The Honest Kitchen, Flint River Ranch…

These can wait till I return  from Memphis at the end of May. I am already feeling some separation anxiety….It will be the first time that Boogie will be without his usual humans and staying away from home….

*edit to add:
Boogie is now eating 50/50 Hills I/D (can) and California Natural (canned chicken + brown rice) and he seems to be doing well. No runny poos, no vomitting. Just one problem: GAS! Stinky stinky stinky gas!

Wes said tonight: “We should just keep him on Hills I/D or whatever he was eating before when he didn’t do any poots.”

My The Honest Kitchen samples arrived this afternoon.  I had emailed their Customer Support with a bunch of questions and they very generously sent me a FREE massive jar of Perfect Form! This is supposed to be good for protecting the GI tract.

I am very very curious about THK food. Technically it’s “raw” and looks like “mushy slop” so I don’t have high hopes for Boogie liking this, but… I couldn’t resist the so many rave reviews. A friend also highly recommended this to me. (She has huskies that are picky-eaters with lots of food sensitivities).  And preparation looks so intriguing…. Check out this video.

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