Raw Food?

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Posted Date: : Apr 19, 2008 2:29 PM
A few days ago I popped into the local pet store to buy more of those plastic lids that you put on food cans.

While I was there I spoke with the store clerk about food options for Boogie. Told him that Boogie used to vomit when I fed him EVO grain-free and now he is eating Hills I/D as prescribed by the vet.

The store clerk thinks that EVO might’ve been too rich in protein… some purebred dogs can’t handle it. And he empathized with me that Hills I/D is full of “filler” that may be unnecessary…

He gave me some free sampler packs of California Natural kibble and a Primal Starter Pack with some frozen “raw nuggets” for Boogie to try out,  and for the past three days I have been mixing in small amounts of this new stuff with Boogie’s usual food. So far so good. I don’t think he is crazy about the Cal Natural kibble (he prefers Hills I/D kibble!) but he is loving the raw nuggets. No problems so far, no stinky poots, poop is normal, etc.

So I have been reading up on raw diets and people rave about this, even though there are some disadvantages…  For a start, it’s more expensive than regular food. Raw meat can breed bacteria more easily. (Now I scrub Boogie’s bowl before every meal) You also have to thaw the meat a day in advance…. and it keeps fresh in the fridge for only a couple of days. I guess it’s more “delicate” than processed canned food…

I really like the idea of feeding Boogie human-grade raw food but yesterday, I came across a warning on the WOOF forum about NOT mixing raw food with kibble because this creates a combustion effect in the tummy and can make the dog sick. (!!??!!) Is this true? Does anyone know? It was a point of debate on that forum thread.  Probiotics supplements were also recommended  when feeding raw diet. Now I am wondering if this is all getting too complicated…

Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions, anyone? Raw or not?

P.S. Today the german shepherd who attacked Boogie showed up again. We were having breakfast on Vermont when the big dog passed by our table and lunged. Boogie didn’t even notice him (he was too busy begging for a piece of ham) and it was freaky. He went for Boogie’s neck, mouth open, teeth bared. Wes grabbed Boogie just in time. The German Shepherd’s owner didn’t even say anything!!! She just pulled her dog away and walked off! (And the dog had his police jacket on!)

EDIT TO ADD: I have started a thread over here on the WOOF forum.

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