Boogie’s traumatic morning

March 31, 2008 at 6:38 pm Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Mar 31, 2008 6:39 PM

This morning, Boogie was attacked by an off-leash (!!!) German Shepherd. We were on our way home from our morning walk, and there were a bunch of dogs and their owners hanging out on the grass outside our apartment. Boogie had met Oliver and Miko before, but not the German Shepherd, who seemed laid back from a distance but suddenly got up and charged towards us when he saw Boogie.

It was really scary. Boogie growled and tried to fight back. The German Shephard’s owner was calling him but the big dog kept at it, snapping away at the Boogs and I quickly grabbed him up into my arms while he struggled and kicked to get back at his attacker. I have the bloody scratches on my body to show for it.

The German Shephard’s owner said that this was unusual… her dog had acted out of character, maybe because he was severely bitten by a pitbull last week and was being extra-defensive or on edge or something. (Later, he charged at another passing dog!).

Boogie was pretty stressed, he stood there in front of all the dogs and growled whenever any of them got close. In a few minutes, he calmed down and that was when we all saw that his leg was bleeding from three puncture wounds.

When we got home I applied some hydrogen peroxide and neosporin on the both of us. Poor little bug has been somewhat low-key all day and walks with a limp. No games of Fetch tonight, I guess.

It’s sort of like *karma* because only a couple of weeks ago, he got into a fight with Judy’s Chumley and bit Chumley on the leg. Now he is the one with the bitten leg and he knows how it feels … I wonder if he will learn something from this. Probably not….


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