Boogie and Kibble

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Posted Date: : Mar 31, 2008 1:04 AM

If we didn’t spoil Boogie with “human food” so often, it would easier for me to know if the Hills I/D diet that the vet prescribed is working as best as it can or should.  Well, I am happy at least, to report that after I switched Boogie to the Hills I/D canned food about 2 months ago, the signs have been positive:

1. Boogie now has a healthy eating appetite
2. The vomitting spells stopped completely
3. He stopped doing frequent stinky poots
4. His poop looks good – smaller quantities, firm, etc.

About 1 week ago, I added Hills I/D kibble to his diet as a few different people had suggested to me that he should eat kibble and that wet food isn’t enough. Now I mix the kibble in with the wet food and all seems well except… WHOA – what’s up with these horrendously painfully-stinky FARTS!?!! They come at around 7pm each night. They are stinkier than the farts he used to do when eating Innova EVO. They are really piercingly stinky, that’s the best way I can describe them. Like something chemically-rotten.

So now I wonder if the kibble is a good thing? Is it really really necessary?

On a more positive note, I believe the Angel Eyes supplement is making a difference! Only two-three weeks later and I swear his tear stains are looking less pronounced and the whites of his coat are looking whiter (and not so “pinkish-grey” like a few weeks ago).  I hope I am not imagining this and that the Angel Eyes is really working.

The bottle I have was ordered online but I  found out recently that they recommend this highly and sell it at For Pets Only on Hillhurst, which is super convenient and very cool!

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