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Posted Date: : Feb 27, 2008 12:39 AM

Firstly, some more cute pics from the weekend with Butch and Emma.

Two boys and their balls. Butch loves the yellow one; Boogie and his alltime favorite: the tennis ball.

Butch was OBSESSED with that yellow ball. Totally obsessed.

Butch: “Please throw the ball. Please please?” pant pant slobber slobber
(Observe Emma’s total disinterest and there’s Boogie giving Butch the evil eye. Later on, he steals back the yellow ball away from Butch)

Emma lying on the couch with Wes, licking her paws.
And then the next day…

See the white fluff all over the floor?

Check out this video: Naughty Boogie – again

On Sunday when I was out of the apartment for only about 20 minutes, Boogie destroyed another cushion. Coincidentally, Emma Dietz was staying with us the last time he destroyed a cushion so I was tempted to think there might be a connection somewhere, like… “Was Boogie protesting? Was he pissed because he had to share his home/bed/humans with another dog?”

Wes said: “Dogs don’t think like that. I bet he was just having fun ripping up the cushion. Maybe he was trying to impress Emma.”

Me: “Like show her how tough he is that he can unstuff a cushion in 20 minutes? Are you serious? He did it to impress Emma?”

Wes: “It’s the male mind. I know how it works”.

Uh-huh. Well.


Monday night I came home from a work event to find my box of  authentic New Orleans pralines from Christa shredded to bits and the three pralines inside it were gone. I was really looking forward to finishing off those pralines myself but a naughty little boston terror had stolen them when I was out. (Mind you, he showed NO INTEREST in the pralines when I was at home.) In a state of panic, I rang the Emergency Vet and they reassured me that pralines are not toxic to dogs… don’t worry… Boogie will probably have some diarrhea and vomitting for a day or so and then he’ll be fine.

Today, Alicia took Boogie for a walk and reported an incident of runny praline poop (“caramel colored with chunky bits in it”). I hope it is all now OUT of his system. I felt sick after eating three whole pralines the night before, I can’t imagine what must be going on inside the poor little dog’s tummy.

Anyway, Boogie seems back to normal now. I hope.

Here he is in his new bed from Costco (only $17! Which makes me realize what a major rip-off pet stores can be!) Boogie likes to drag the cushion out of this bed, fling it around and onto his round chair  and sleep on it up on the chair. Ah Boogie. He’s a funny little fella. BTW, that red tennis ball in the photo has been totally stripped. It now looks like a black rubber ball.

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