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Posted Date: : Feb 20, 2008 2:23 AM

Sharing some cute pictures…

Firstly, Boogie and Chumley at Aunty Judy’s house. Chumley is an adorable and funny lunkhead.  He likes to lie down with his back legs sticking out like a frog’s legs.

Both boys played together for a short while but were really more interested in bones and treats.

Judy thinks Chumley is very “well-endowed” but I think Boogie is more well-endowed for his size.  Just take a look at that photo up there.


Pic of  Boogie in the car on Sunday, going downtown to the Southpark Flea Market. He LOVES car rides and looking out the window.


And then this morning…. pics of Boogie with Emma and Butch (while their mom, Christa is away). All three dogs are lying next to the heater because it’s a cold rainy day. That “boston terrier doorstopper” positioned between the cushion and heater is there to prevent the cushion from getting too close to the heat… It’s very warm as it is, but the dogs seem to love “cooking themselves”…

Butch is working away at that yellow squeaky ball. When I took this photo he had already been at it for 30 minutes. Emma is snuggled up to him with her butt hanging off the cushion; and Boogie, as you can see, is hogging most of the cushion.

I think Boogie is feeling a little bewildered by the presence of other dogs….  He sees Butch playing with his toys, lying in his new bed, getting attention from his humans, and he’s not sure what to make of all this. He jumps up onto my lap, sits there and observes around him silently…

And of course, the two boys want to play with the same toys at the same time. Each one wants the toy that the other dog has…

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