Boogie Fever

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Posted Date: : Feb 9, 2008 2:42 AM

I wish I had taken my camera… Unfortunately the small low-res photos from my cell phone won’t upload to my computer…

It was a beautiful warm sunny day today so Eddie and I took a short break from our mountainous pile of work and went to Griffith Park with the Boogermeister. We brought treats, water and his beloved tennis ball.

Boogie had lots of fun running around leash-free, chasing the ball, rolling around on the grass, sniffing trees…It was SO cool to see him so happy. You see, Boogie doesn’t “smile” or “laugh” much. He always has the same closed-mouth facial expression, and he communicates mostly with his eyes and ears. He hardly ever opens his mouth (except to eat, give kisses or yawn). He doesn’t even pant like other Bostons I have known. And he hardly ever snores!

So to see him today, bounding and leaping through the grass, grinning from ear to ear tongue-a-wagging… it was such a CUTE sight!

Another thing he loves to do is stick his head out the car window, eyes closed, nose up in the air, enjoying the breeze in his face.

It has now been two months since we adopted Boogie from BostonBuddies. We still don’t understand how anyone could abandon this dog in a shelter. This cute, loving, playful dog. We suspect that his previous owners must’ve been pretty heartless or maybe they were even abusive…

Take for instance …. several times now we have seen Boogie cower and shrink back in fear each time someone lifts their leg.

A few times while walking Boogie, Wes had his leg caught up in the leash and he had to lift up his leg to free himself… and Boogie reacted like he was going to be kicked. Last night once again, he cowered and whimpered when Eddie turned around in his chair and lifted his leg higher than usual.

How could anyone want to kick this dog??? (… or any dog for that matter?) It’s sad that Boogie still carries emotional scars from his past… whatever happened. He also sometimes shrinks away from friendly strangers for no apparent reason or he gets tense and snappy. Maybe these individuals remind him of people he used to know?

When a homeless woman camped herself outside my front door one night, Boogie snapped at her. We were quite proud of him at the time because he was being a good watchdog/protector. A few days later while we were out walking on Vermont, he pulled on his leash and barked and barked at somebody on the street…  It was the same homeless woman! He remembered her!

Anyway, we continue to learn something new about Boogie each day. He may be naughty sometimes, but the sweet lovable bundle of joy that he is, often makes us forget the bad stuff. We love the Boogaloo! 🙂

[Boogie and Wes snuggling together on the couch]

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