Boogie’s new appetite

February 6, 2008 at 2:27 am Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Feb 6, 2008 2:24 AM

The change that has come over Boogie since I switched him over to Hills I/D Prescription diet has been pretty astounding. As much as I hate having to feed him Hills – having read so many negative reviews about this food – plus the fact that I can only buy it from the vet’s, Boogie’s eating behavior has totally changed and I think for the better. Boogie is more like a “normal dog” now. He likes eating. He wants to eat.

Before, he used to turn away from treats and had no interest in mealtimes. Now, he is excited to get fed; he polishes up his bowl shiny clean; he even sits for MORE food, and strangely enough, he also now loves receiving treats… even the Paul Newman’s Peanut Butter biscuits that he used to turn away from or dump on the floor. He is like a changed dog.

… . he must’ve really hated the food (Innova EVO) that I was feeding him before…

Boogie’s poop is also changed. He now poops less. And they are small and firm nuggets of poop. Before the diet change, it used to be snakey and sloppy and a bugger to pick up. (Apologies to those of you who don’t own dogs and find all this kinda gross. Poop is an important indicator of health)

He also hasn’t vomitted at all which is great news! No signs of nausea either.

The only problem we have now is his naughtiness. Three times now he has gone through the trash when left at home alone. This afternoon I came home to find coffee all over my computer keyboard!!! Boogie had jumped onto my desk and knocked the cup over. Granted that it was my fault for leaving the half-full cup of coffee there in the first place, it’s NOT GOOD that he was on my work desk messing about with my stuff. What was he doing? Stealing coffee? Sending another Googletalk message? I am so relieved my keyboard still works.

Now that Boogie is eating again and loves treats, it may be time for some TRAINING. Time to learn some commands 🙂

As Wes says – We have spoilt this little bug ROTTEN. All the praise has gone to his head…Time to set some boundaries! 🙂

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