Bad Boogie – Part 2

February 2, 2008 at 10:56 pm Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Feb 2, 2008 10:56 PM

We were in Wacko (store) the other day and one of the guys who works there commented on how cute Boogie is. “This dog is SO CUTE. When he does something bad it must be hard to get mad at him because he is SO cute.”

Tonight when Wes and I were heading out the door, Boogie desperately wanted to come with us, as he always does. Sometimes he rushes out the door and refuses to come back inside, insistent that he joins us. He always stares at us from the window as we walk away, whimpering, with the saddest look on his face. And when we return, he is at the window, sitting on my desk, head peeking out through the curtains. Goodness knows how long he has been sitting there for, waiting.. waiting…

As any human who has a dog with “separation anxiety” would know… it is always so heartbreaking to walk away and leave the doggie at home.

In my case, I also worry about what Boogie will get up to when I am out.

Will he…

– rip up another cushion?
– knock more stuff off my table?
– use my computer keyboard ? (Twice now I have come home to find a hundred browser windows open on my monitor; or a garbled message in my Googletalk box!)

Tonight we came home to THIS.

There were empty cans of dog food from the trash scattered all over the place. Coffee grains, mess, icky stuff… There was also an old can of dog food (DAYS old!) on his round chair. My immediate thought was:  “What has he eaten?!!!”

As they say, there is no point punishing a dog when he has already done his naughty deed. By then, it’s too late. He doesn’t understand why you are mad at him. And as we kept repeating… “BAD BOOGIE!. BAD DOG!” over and over, we could see him move away from us, eyes looking up at us with a forlorn expression, ears pinned back….
He brought us his toy and we refused to throw it.


Toy aside, he stayed on the couch like this, crouched low, ears back, still looking all forlorn…

What do you think? Does Boogie understand why we are mad? Do you think he feels any remorse or guilt?

I must add it’s mighty surprising that he likes his new Hills I/D Prescription Food so much that he would dig through the trash for it! Or was this an expression of protest/separation anxiety?

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Bad Boogie Boogie’s new appetite

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