Boogie’s visit to L.A. Pet Clinic

January 28, 2008 at 6:46 pm Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Jan 28, 2008 6:46 PM

Our appointment with Dr Reina was at 1.30pm but we didn’t see him until about 2.45pm!!! I can’t remember how long we waited. It seemed like forever, as there were three people ahead of us. (Bit annoyed because I made this appointment 2 weeks ago!!!).

In the tiny waiting room which was crowded with crated cats and a very bored, restless and whimpering Boogie, I chatted with one of the cat ladies and she said that the wait is normal. There is always a long wait, but she wouldn’t go anywhere else. She has been seeing Dr. Reina for 11 years, she thinks he’s the bee’s knees.

Dr Reina was a nice guy. I told him about Boogie’s frequent vomitting and lack of interest in eating. Also that this morning Boogie had his biggest vomit yet. I asked if Boogie might have an “elongated soft palate”, or “Acid Reflux” or “Esophagus issues”… but the Dr doesn’t think so, because he isn’t vomitting up FOOD, but mostly frothy liquid which to him, is odd and doesn’t call for an easy diagnosis. It might be a gastro-intestinal problem or it might be liver/kidney related; or it might be something “deeper”. The Dr said that even an x-ray exam at this point wouldn’t be sensitive enough to confirm anything. He suggested changing Boogie’s diet to Hills Prescription Sensitive Stomach (wet food) – see if this changes anything – just in case he has a food allergy. They also took some blood and I have to call tomorrow evening for results.

I hope the Hills Diet will make a difference (as much as I would rather feed him a holistic brand of easily-available grain-free food) . I hope the blood test results don’t reveal any bad news. It’s also frustrating to have “no news”.

Boogie was so glad to be home. He had already said “hello” to all the sick cats and their humans in the waiting room, he was bored and frustrated, whimpering and pulling on the leash with his teeth, then sitting in front of me with his big sad pleading brown and blue eyes. In the Dr’s office, he pawed at the door to be let out. When home again, the first thing he did was EAT! (yay!) Then he played with his artichoke.

I learnt something new from this vet visit. Our Boogie monster is not 20lbs as written on his Rescue/Shelter form. He is not even 23lbs. (the last time I weighed him on Wes’ bathroom scales). He is a whopping 26.4 lbs! I hope it’s all muscle because even though he’s a thick and cuddly cherub, he doesn’t appear to have any “fat” on him….

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