Boogie & Emma have a party

January 27, 2008 at 10:22 am Leave a comment

Posted Date: : Jan 27, 2008 10:21 AM

Firstly, a cute picture of the two snuggling up together (this morning):

Yesterday evening, Wes and I were out walking Boogie and Emma when the rain poured down very suddenly. We were nowhere near my apartment, I didn’t have an umbrella and all four of us were completely saturated by the time we made it home.

It poured down continuously for the next few hours. Both dogs stayed on the couch; a towel underneath Miss Emma (no diaper) because I had taken off her sopping wet harness and hung it up to dry. Everyone was relieved to be indoors out of the rain. Doggies were calm and content.

Later in the evening, Wes and I were out of the apartment for about 30 minutes. I should’ve put my stuff away, closed the bedroom door and put the diaper back on Emma but …I didn’t think …

When we came home, the apartment was quite a sight. I counted about five puddles of pee on the apartment floor, and there were two nuggets of poo in my bedroom. Everything – books, papers, dvds, candles – had been knocked off the coffee table, and one of my shoes was on the couch. The only thing that was missing was booze….

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