Boogie and Emma

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Posted Date: : Jan 25, 2008 2:32 AM

I know Christa is reading this so my blog posts for the next few days will also include Miss Emma Dietz!

Emma is Christa’s sweet boston terrier girl whom I am babysitting while she is away on her whirlwind booksigning tour of the USA.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to report is that Boogie and Emma are totally NOT INTERESTED in each other. Right now, Boogie is sprawled out asleep on his cushion (near the heater) and Emma is lying down next to my feet.

When Emma first arrived, Boogie watched her calmly from his cushion, and then turned and glared at me for the next 10 minutes as if to say: “What’s going on? Why is there another dog in here? Who is she? Why is she sniffing the floor and licking it?”

And then he totally lost interest in Emma and brought me his toy to throw. Just like old times. He hasn’t paid her any attention since.

Emma is even less interested in Boogie than he is in her. She is more fixated on what she might find to eat on my floor and has been doing the rounds.. kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom…. She also follows me from room to room and stays close to me. She does not even look at Boogie. He may as well not exist.

Emma is such a sweet and good girl. When she nosedived into Boogie’s food bowl (which still has food in it because Mr Boogaloo has eating issues), I said a firm “NO. Emma, NO.” and pulled her away, and she hasn’t returned to the bowl since. Well, maybe once or twice. But each time I say No, she moves away from the bowl, leaving the food untouched.

I think Miss Emma is feeling a little bewildered and nervous being here, away from her mom and best buddy Butch.. A little while ago she was sitting at my feet shaking. I put her on my lap and she still seemed tense… but has stopped shaking, at least. Don’t worry Christa. I’ll take good care of her!

Anyway, in spite of the two dogs not being interested in each other … there has been one sweet “sharing-the-cushion-together” moment….

…and later, this…

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Boogie gets comfortable Boogie’s Sat afternoon with Butch & Emma

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