Welcome to Boogie’s first Blog/Diary entry!

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Posted Date: : Jan 13, 2008 8:08 PM

Welcome to Boogie’s first Blog/Diary entry!

Today was a big day. We met up with Christa’s bosties: Butch and Emma,  and Joy’s and Steff’s doxies: Auto and Zero, at the Silverlake Dog Park.

When we first arrived Boogie was a little uncertain of his new surroundings. He slowly worked his way around the enclosure, curiously sniffing around. When the first tennis ball was thrown, Boogie perked up. He joined in the fun as three other dogs ran after the ball. It took a few minutes for him to realize that he had to run faster. The other dogs were reaching the ball before he did.

It was so wild seeing a facial expression on the Boogs that we had not seen before. Look at that wide open grin! Look at that face! (Somebody needs a bath tonight)

Well, with all that running around he didn’t seem to get tired at all. He ran back and forth along the fence with Emma, barking at the bigger dogs on the other side of the fence. He could’ve played fetch forever. At one point poor Boogs must’ve sprained his leg and was limping. This did not stop him from running after the ball, though. The will to catch the ball was stronger than any sensation of physical discomfort. A few minutes later the leg was back to normal.

[With Butch]

After the dog park, all of us and our doggie friends had coffee and Mr Boogie Meister climbed across every human lap to be complimented and cuddled. He is an attention hog, oh boy does he love it.

[With Steff and Joy]

[With Christa’s blonde locks]

In the car, he was out like a lamp, snoring in the back set. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon on my bed, licking his new Everlasting Treat Ball…

As I am turning into a “crazy Boston terrier lady” – I designed a custom BOOGIE stamp on Zazzle.com.  I also bought a Boston terrier tote bag this week… the Boston design on the bag has a black spot on his head just like Boogie’s!

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Boogie and Food

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